Independent Lens Senior Series Producer Lois Vossen in black dress standing in front of large Oscar statuettes
Independent Lens Senior Series Producer Lois Vossen

Our film The Invisible War may not have scored Oscar gold last night, but we are so proud it came so close. Our very own Lois Vossen, Independent Lens senior series producer, was on the scene, and provided us with some great “insider” photos. We’ll intersperse them with her comments about the film.

Consider this the Independent Lens version of a glossy celeb magazine!

Two couples in limousine
In the limo enroute to the Oscars with some of the subjects of The Invisible War

“There are a lot of great documentaries nominated. But in terms of documentaries that are changing the world, this one is the winner in that category, for sure,” Vossen says.

Filmmakers Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering (center), flanked by subjects of their film
Filmmakers Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering (center), flanked by subjects of their film

“Right from the beginning, three years ago, we knew this was a special film, and got behind it to champion it,” says Vossen. “The filmmakers are extraordinary. Kirby and Amy are so committed, not just about making a great film, but about the issue, and trying to address the problem of military sexual trauma. It’s impossible to not be inspired by them and the great work they’re doing.”

Photo from balcony of blue-hued stage and theater inside the Dolby Theatre
The Invisible War team’s view inside the Dolby Theatre. The A-list celebs didn’t get this cool view of the rafters!

“I remember at Sundance the day it premiered (Jan. 2012) I was sitting behind them, and I leaned over and said to Kirby, ‘Your film’s going to change America.’ And it will, either very quickly now, or not so far down the road,” says Vossen. They’ve brought to life this epidemic, and the military knows they have to deal with the epidemic.”

Robert De Niro and Dustin Hoffman in crowd after Oscars
An after-Oscars peek at Robert De Niro and Dustin Hoffman

“The great thing about the film is that they celebrated the great work the military does and the extraordinary contributions of the men and women in our military, so the film isn’t anti-military or anti-service people. It’s very much behind the people who serve this country, but we can’t have this problem,” says Vossen.

Sharon Stone and Lois Vossen arm in arm inside diner-style eatery
Not too many people get to go to a deli and chum with Sharon Stone. But Lois Vossen did at this after-Oscars get-together at Jerry’s Deli.

“The film will have a profound effect on the lives of tens of thousands of people and their families, and that’s an extraordinary accomplishment,” says Vossen.

Here’s the trailer, in case Vossen’s passion about the film sparked your interest. Independent Lens will broadcast The Invisible War on May 13.