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October 10, 2014 by Craig Phillips in

Riding the school bus, where bullying is often an issue

Watching Lee Hirsch’s film Bully, which has its television premiere on Independent Lens this Monday October 13 at 10pm [check local listings], is meant to be both an emotional experience and an educational one. But Bully itself is only a start in working towards changing a culture of bullying inside and outside schools. The film’s Bully Project social action campaign is designed to continue the dialogue and further enlighten all of us — parents, educators, students — about what more we can do.

And now along with that, Independent Lens created a Resources page highlighting some of the best tools the Bully Project has to offer, as well as a few other useful places to go to learn more about bullying.

More Resources from and about Bully

As a companion for you and your family as you watch the film, here are a few additional resources, tools, and videos.

Start your own school-wide Bully Project:


An excellent interview with the filmmaker:

And another interview with Hirsch on Collider.

A Guide for Teaching Bully:


On Cyberbullying and Other Resources

Share Your Own Stories About Bullying

On the Bully Project website, and on the Independent Lens website. (And feel free to do so here on the blog, as well.)

A Scene and the Trailer for Bully

Stand for the Silent Vigil, Chattsworth, GA
Stand for the Silent Vigil, Chattsworth, GA

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