Hey guess what? If you like watching our amazing films on TV, you can also see them on the big screen for free thanks to our Community Cinema program. Independent Lens documentaries are released ahead of broadcast to more than 100 venues around the country. You are hereby invited to join us, watch with your neighbors, make friends, hear fascinating people discuss the issues, ask questions, and schmooze with the filmmakers, the stars, and big-time changemakers.

You know that feeling when you’ve finished watching a documentary and you’re itching to do something? We’re giving you the tools and connections to do just that. Local and international organizations show up to Community Cinema events and chat after the screenings. You could forge your own collaborations or learn how to get involved with existing efforts. Our local, national, and international partners (last season’s included The Sierra Club, the Wounded Warrior Project, Girl Scouts of America, and VolunteerMatch, among many others) help us arm you with everything you need to make a difference.

One Philadelphia viewer said, “My level of engagement and reflection on the themes in the films shown during Community Cinema has been much greater than if I were watching alone.The opportunity to hear from the filmmakers/film subjects/stakeholders from the community has been truly rewarding. I always leave enlightened, moved, and inspired.”

But wait! There’s more. Check out our spanking new site CommunityCinema.org, not only for event listings and stories from these gatherings, but quick and handy tools you can use to get involved in your community and beyond. For example, here are a couple of sample action widgets you can grab and share:


We wrapped up this season of Community Cinema with Strong! During the screening in San Francisco, the Olympian herself, Cheryl Haworth, and director Julie Wyman talked about body image, their budding friendship, and the similarities between filmmaking and weightlifting (hint: they both require tons of endurance). One young bodybuilder even asked Haworth what protein powder she uses.

Next month we’ll launch a new season of Community Cinema with … drumroll please … Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide, a documentary based on Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn’s award-winning book. We’re hoping you will join us for a screening near you.

Watch Women Are Not the Problem, They Are the Solution on PBS. See more from Independent Lens.

Can’t wait? Visit us over the next few months for fresh new ways to change the world.