Don’t Stop OVEE-ing: Online Screening of Everyman’s Journey

October 01, 2013 by Craig Phillips in


Few bands hold the same iconic stature in American music lore as Journey. Decades of chart-topping hits and performances played on stages across the world. Following on the heels of last night’s Independent Lens broadcast premiere of Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s Journey on PBS, the iconic American band is being showcased tonight on a new type of stage: online.

Tonight (October 1) at 10pm ET / 7PT, Independent Lens showcases the national online premiere of this rockumentary with a live national chat and panel discussion, using the new online viewing tool OVEE. Catch the action here. Journalist and music critic Chris Willman, of Entertainment Weekly and Rolling Stone, will be offering his commentary and taking part in the chat about the film, Journey’s ascent into American rock legend, and Arnel’s story of overcoming the odds. Other panelists include John Woo, executive director of Asian CineVision, and Jason Emmons, multimedia producer at the EMP Museum in Seattle.

Filmmaker Ramona S. Diaz narrows in on Arnel Pineda’s personal narrative throughout the film, encompassing his upbringing as an orphan in the Philippines, through his emotional struggles and trauma caused in part by substances and circumstances. He eventually found a path to happiness, and stardom, through song. Neal Schon, in a long search for a new lead singer, discovered Pineda on YouTube.

“It’s fitting to share this story with Journey fans and documentary fans alike online,” says OVEE host Jonathan Remple. “It’s a modern story of technology stretching across the world to bring people together, and one of music used to overcome pain, which is the essence of blues and rock.”

Tune in tonight, October 1, for the online presentation and share your comments with the band. No earplugs needed, but don’t forget to sing along.

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