bright collard greens
Citrus collards with raisins redux, by chef Bryant Terry. It’s just one of seven delicious, healthy recipes we’re featuring. Yours could be the eighth!

Love to cook? Let us shine the culinary spotlight on you! Independent Lens is holding a fun contest for healthy and delicious soul food recipes.

We all know soul food can do wonders for your soul. But it’s not always so great for your health. So to celebrate our Jan. 14 broadcast of Byron Hurt’s Soul Food Junkies, a documentary about the health consequences of traditional soul food, we’ve created an online recipe box with seven delectable, healthy versions of soul food. Here’s a partial view of one.

recipe cardfor succotash soup
Your recipe could be featured on a recipe card like this on the Independent Lens website.

The eighth card in the contest is blank. Why? Because it’s badly in need of a recipe! That’s where you come in. Got a favorite healthy mac-and-cheese recipe you want to share? A mouth-watering family barbecue recipe that isn’t dripping with fat, or any original, reasonably healthy, soul-food-inspired recipe?

Submit your recipe(s) by leaving a comment on the recipe contest page or by emailing it to us at by 5 p.m. Pacific time Jan 15.

If we choose your recipe, you’ll win a coveted spot on an Independent Lens online recipe card like the one above, complete with your bio for all to see! You and your recipe will be right beside a genuine Bryant Terry recipe. And we’ll do a feature right here on this blog about you and your recipe. How cool is that?

It’s not only great bragging rights, but you’ll be helping the world become a healthier place while still keeping taste buds happy. Go to our recipe page for more details. And if cooking isn’t your thing, please forward to any foodie friends. In this case, too many cooks do not spoil the broth — or the succotash!