Yeah, we’re doing another contest because we really like giving stuff away.
First, did you know that select Independent Lens films are screened in more than 95 communities nationwide — at schools, libraries, veteran’s halls, etc. — every month? It’s all part of our Community Cinema initiative designed to bring our films directly to you and your neighbors, and give you an opportunity to discuss the issues the films raise with local and national organizers.

Read on for how you can win a limited edition print of our gorgeous Basquiat poster in a few easy steps. (Pssst, don’t give away the secret word if you know it!)

WTW_poster.jpgYour mission, should you choose to accept it:
• First, visit the Community Cinema Facebook page, and click “Like.”
• Click on the tab that says “The Word.”
• Once you know the word, file it away in the old brain bank, and check the listings on that page to see if one of the selected screenings for this month’s contest is in your area (there are three eligible screenings in the next week). Attend the screening, and claim your prize by whispering the secret word to the screening organizer.
• Bring your poster home, hang it on your wall, and watch as your friends and neighbors gawk in admiration and envy at your fine taste and style.