The Independent Lens audience is spectacularly diverse — in fact it attracts the one of the youngest and most diverse prime-time audience on PBS. So it stands to reason there are many different ways our audience might engage with our films. Some of you have cable, some don’t; some use smart phones, some don’t; some are active on social media and some despise the whole idea of virtual networks. It’s cool with us. We dig that you don’t conform to a boring monolithic mentality. Neither do we. That’s why we’re expanding the ways you can watch and discuss our films using new technologies to reach new audiences.

First, we launched the Independent Lens Documentary Film Club at the start of the season, and it’s gaining traction with every passing week. Here’s Mary-Louise Parker inviting you to join in:

And check out the conversation happening right now on Twitter (join right in by using the hashtag #ILDocLub or following @IndependentLens):

We also launched Independent Lens on FourSquare, for those of you who use the location-based check-in app. By following us on Foursquare, you will learn about free screenings of our films near you, as well as information about where many of the films on Independent Lens were shot. Cool right?

And lastly, we discovered some new factoids about our Facebook fans this week that make us smile at how very groovy they are. Among the top most-common interests among our fans (according to our Facebook data): Pink Floyd, The Office, Maya Angelou, South Park, Eminem, The Colbert Report, Shakira, The Family Guy, Michelle Obama, and Nirvana. Nice.