The Graduates/Los Graduados offers a first-hand perspective of the challenges facing many Latino high school students. While you’ll be hearing from the six students in the film itself (which premieres on PBS Monday, October 28 and concludes November 4), we also want to hear from you — any student past or present. Here’s how it works:

1) Using Vine, Twitter, or Instagram, record yourself completing this sentence: “I’m graduating because…” or “I graduated because…” Be as honest and creative as you’d like when describing why education matters; this is YOUR personal graduation story. (Of course, try to keep your story to family-friendly language, but that goes without saying.)

2) Upload your video and caption it using either #TheGraduates or #LosGraduados.

3) Look for your video on the Independent Lens social hub and Facebook page. There you’ll be able to watch and find inspiration in the videos of other students primed to make a mark on America’s future.

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