I Identify: What Forces Determine Your Identity?

March 23, 2015 by Independent Lens in Beyond the Films

In Little White Lie, filmmaker Lacey Schwartz uncovers an identity-altering family secret, and then embarks on a journey of discovery as she contends with her new sense of self. The film challenges us to reconsider the notion that identity is a stable, clearly-defined dimension.

Independent Lens takes up Little White Lie‘s challenge with the digital short, I Identify. We gathered a diverse group of San Francisco Bay Area residents to take on the forces that shape identity, from family and friends, to deeply-held personal convictions, and social and historical developments far beyond any one person’s control. Watch the video:

What do you think? Who controls your identity? Do you? Do the people around you? Is your identity dictated by society at large? Do you, like many of our I Identify subjects, take measures to maintain possession over your identity?

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