Three Independent Lens films, Don’t Stop Believin’: Everyman’s JourneyBlood Brother (which will air on PBS in January), and The New Black (airing next June), are all up for IFP Gotham Audience Awards, which “celebrates audience award winners from across the Top 50 US and Canadian film festivals.” Voting is open now and you can vote for all three IL films as the contest allows one to select up to five films in the first round. Meanwhile, Jason Osder’s Let the Fire Burn (airs on Independent Lens May 12, 2014) was just given the honor of a Gotham nomination for Best Documentary.

Blood Brother is opening theatrically this week (October 25) and beyond, giving you an opportunity to see it once, vote, and then see it again on PBS in January.  You can find out more about The New Black both on our site and on the film’s official site. And Don’t Stop Believin’ aired on PBS September 30, and is available in other ways as well, so hopefully you’ve seen that one, too.

Let the Fire Burn, which will air the day before the May 13 anniversary of the tragic raid in Philadelphia on MOVE headquarters, was named an L.A. Times critic’s pick by Kenneth Turan and “a stunning film” by Grantland.