The International Documentary Association (IDA) Documentary Awards were announced today in a ceremony in Los Angeles, and we’re proud to say that Independent Lens was bestowed the honor of being named Best Continuing Series.

In addition, Blood Brother, Steve Hoover’s film about his friend Rocky Braat’s experiences working with HIV-positive children in India, airing on Independent Lens on January 20, was given the IDA Humanitas Award tonight. Meanwhile, Let the Fire Burn, by Jason Osder, won the IDA Award for Best Editing. The film, which was constructed entirely from archival footage, will premiere on Independent Lens on PBS in May of 2014. And last but certainly not least, the ITVS-funded The Trials of Muhammad Ali (airing on Independent Lens April 14, 2014) won the IDA ABCNews Videosource Award, given each year for the best use of news footage as an integral component in a documentary.

Founded in 1982, the IDA is a non-profit that promotes nonfiction filmmakers, dedicated to increasing public awareness for the documentary genre, and the IDA Awards are the foremost event dedicated to the art of documentary film.

“There are responsibilities that come with the stewardship of public funds,” Independent Lens senior series producer Lois Vossen told attendees at the ceremony while accepting the award. “Passion alone isn’t enough; filmmakers earn a spot on the public soapbox through excellent storytelling. At Independent Lens we strive to use the power of public television to bring thoughtful, challenging documentaries to the millions of viewers who watch us every week. We share this award with the filmmakers we serve. You are the heart and soul of Independent Lens and this honor belongs to you.”

Independent Lens was nominated alongside four other fantastic documentary series, each worthy of the honor in their own right, including our PBS sister series POV, as well as the ESPN sports documentary series 30 for 30, Discovery’s Curiosity, and HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant  Gumbel.

ITVS (Independent Television Service) began presenting Independent Lens in 2003. In the past 10 years it has won six Emmy Awards including two Primetime Emmys, 10 Peabody Awards, and been nominated for 7 Academy Awards.