UPDATE (2/7/17):

News courtesy of East of Salinas filmmaker Laura Pacheco, teacher Oscar Ramos was just awarded the Cesar Chavez Human Rights Award! Our hearty congrats to Mr. Ramos on the well-deserved honor.

Last month, East of Salinas filmmakers Laura Pacheco and Jackie Mow returned to the Salinas Valley to catch up with the subjects of her film: Jose Ansaldo, the bright student and son of migrant workers, and Oscar Ramos, Jose’s teacher, mentor, and friend. First of all, here’s Oscar talking about his lasting relationship with Jose.

And after you watch East of Salinas, you will no doubt be a bit worried about and want to hear more from young Jose himself. Well, Jose was kind enough to not only write us a letter updating us on how he’s doing, but also let the filmmakers put together a video that goes with his letter.  Read and watch:

A handwritten letter by Jose, the star of East of Salinas