Keeping with the “looking for love” theme of Meet the Patels, which makes its television debut on Independent Lens Monday, December 26, 2017 at 9 pm, we present you with a fun quiz that will tell you where you will most likely find true love! Even if you’re already “taken” we think you’ll still enjoy taking this quiz. Results are meticulously formulated and yet may not be scientifically accurate.

Notes on the Quiz:

Regarding animals, did you know that red pandas are solitary animals that prefer hanging out on their own except when looking to mate? Leopards are similar; they’re pretty self-sufficient, including as hunters.  Orcas like to travel with their families. Dolphins famously are good to their friends (and even to humans!) And, hey, purebred dogs and horses continue their lineage with the help of “matchmakers” (okay, breeders).

On the subject of famous people you aspire to be or relate to, did you know that Lionel Messi met the love of his life when they were both kids? Several years older, she’s the cousin of one of his best friends and he fell for her the first moment he saw her. Diane Keaton has famously had relationships with many a renowned actor, including Warren Beatty and Woody Allen, but has steadfastly remained single. Comedian and TV host Chelsea Handler was frustrated with the dating scene and finally gave online dating a try. Neil Patrick Harris met his partner and now-husband David Burtka through mutual friends in NYC. Meanwhile, there’s now a documentary about how Michelle Obama met President Barack Obama. Marvelous singer Celine Dion first was introduced to her future husband and manager René Angélil through Celine’s brother, who’d sent Angélil a demo tape (she was 12 and he was 38 at the time, but love knows no bounds!) Justin Timberlake met his wife actress Jessica Biel through mutual friends.

The point is, whatever your quiz results may be, people meet their romantic matches in all sorts of ways. If you have a partner, how did you meet? Let us know in the comments below!