On the set of SOUL! with Ellis Haizlip interviewing Melvin Van Peebles [Credit: Chester Higgins]
Beyond the Films

February 09, 2021

How SOUL! Helped Pave the Way for Black Cultural Programming

Independent Lens in Beyond the Films

By Ade D. Adeniji Mr. SOUL! explores America’s first Black variety television show SOUL!, which ran from 1968 to 1973, and was steered by pioneering Black producer and host Ellis…...

Sgt. Alice White training cadets in procedural justice

February 05, 2021

Telling the Story of Gender, Politics, and Violence in America Through the Eyes of Women Police Officers

Craig Phillips in Behind the Films

In addition to her documentaries Still Doing It: The Intimate Lives of Women Over 65, and Suicide On Campus, a web documentary produced in conjunction with The New York Times…...


February 03, 2021

Enter to Win “A Day in the Life of America” T-Shirt

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Join us for a good old-fashioned giveaway. Enter by February 9 at 8:59pm PT for a chance to win a limited edition A Day in the Life of America T-shirt!…...

Dolly Parton, 1977 (public domain image, RCA Records)
Beyond the Films

January 27, 2021

Dolly Parton’s “9 to 5” Still Packs a Punch

Independent Lens in Beyond the Films

By Lennlee Keep There isn't much the whole world seems to agree on, but I have yet to meet a person who doesn't love Dolly Parton. She's funny, glamorous, famous,…...

Beyond the Films

January 20, 2021

Working Women’s Wardrobe: How the 1970s Opened Feminist Fashion

Independent Lens in Beyond the Films

By Marlen Komar In the early 1970s, a group of Boston secretaries came together to improve the working conditions in their offices. Tired of low pay, lack of advancement opportunities,…...


January 13, 2021

The Story of 9to5: A Movement that Changed the American Workplace

Craig Phillips in Interviews

Julia Reichert and her filmmaking partner and life partner Steve Bognar, have been making documentaries for a long while. Most recently, in 2020, the team won the Academy Award for…...

Jared Leto working on his film carrying a blow torch

January 06, 2021

How Jared Leto and 92 Film Crews Captured 24 Hours in America

Craig Phillips in Behind the Films

In some ways, you'd think Jared Leto, Oscar-winning actor, movie star, and frontman for Platinum-selling band (with his brother Shannon) 30 Seconds to Mars, would not need much of an…...

two women cheerleaders from a Woman's Work pose together as cheerleaders in front of courthouse

December 28, 2020

Battling a Male-Dominated World for Recognition and a Raise

Craig Phillips in

Filmmaker Yu Gu was born in Chongqing, China, raised in Vancouver, Canada, and found her way to the University of Southern California film program. Her films, like the feature documentary…...

family plays video game while a game is superimposed over them; Original photo by Ketut Subiyanto from

December 22, 2020

Leveling Up Representation: Depictions of People of Color in Video Games

Independent Lens in Lifestyle

By Nadine Dornieden The $100+ billion video game industry is big. So big, in fact, that it dwarfs both the film and music industry combined. Gaming as a hobby has become…...

Ellis Haizlip and guests, on his show SOUL! in Mr. SOUL!

December 22, 2020

New Acclaimed Films Coming to Independent Lens in January

Independent Lens in Announcements

The upcoming slate of films airing on Independent Lens on PBS starts in January with seven highly-acclaimed documentaries that reflect the ever-changing nature of the United States, highlighting women who…...

woman Handcuffed to gurney in a prison, Belly of the Beast

November 18, 2020

Filmmaker Exposes Shocking Pattern of Illegal Sterilizations in Women’s Prisons

Craig Phillips in Behind the Films

Erika Cohn has made powerful documentaries for Independent Lens before and is no stranger to telling intimate, surprising stories in tense environments: her Peabody Award-winning film The Judge showed Shari’a…...

Larry Krasner in Philly D.A.

November 17, 2020

Watch Independent Lens on the Free PBS Video App

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The free PBS Video App is now available to download for iOS and AppleTV, Android and Android TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Samsung Smart TV, and Chromecast. Stream the latest…...