Poll results show we’re no longer watching TV as we used to.

The results of our poll asking readers how they watch TV are in, and they’re a bit surprising to us: Nearly half of respondents — about 49 percent — view “TV” on their computers and mobile apps.

No wonder we keep hearing that TV sales are slumping! In October NPD DisplaySearch reported that sales of all TVs were expected to drop by 4 percent last year, and that the future for TV sales in the future was bleaker. The economy was only partly to blame. Other reports show that mobile TV apps and other technologies are pulling people away from traditional TVs.

The majority of the 432 poll respondents — about 43 percent — still watch TV on good ol’ TV sets. About 35 percent primarily watch on computers, 9 percent on iPads/Tablets etc., and 4 percent on smart phones. The “other” category garnered about 8 percent, and had a number of responses about watching on a TV through a computer, and via Roku and DVRs.

We wonder if the word “TV” or “television” will continue being part of our lexicon, or if it will gradually be replaced? What do you think? If you haven’t taken the poll yet, it’s still available. We’re going to leave it open for a while to continue getting responses as time and technology move on.