13_william_s_burroughs.jpgWilliam S. Burroughs was one eccentric dude. His active war on conventional wisdom and propriety helped America loosen up considerably. As one of the iconic American authors of the 20th century, he will be known for the novel Naked Lunch for centuries to come — not so much for what it is about (come to think of it, what is it about?) or how it is written — but the hand-wringing and courtroom wrangling that it inspired. His work bulldozed the just-so landscape left by the 1950s and ushered in the slash-and-burn, sex-and-drugs-and-rock n’ roll decade of the 1960s.
But what do we know of William Seward Burroughs, the man? Next week on Independent Lens, we premiere Yony Leyser’s wonderfully intimate William S. Burroughs: A Man Within, which differentiates the larger-than-life Bull Lee myth from the real, shy, insecure, irascible human being he was behind the scenes.
We figured as long as we were peeling back layers of the Burroughs Mystique, we’d challenge your fandom with an especially difficult quiz about the guy. (Fair warning — this little doohickey works best in Firefox, Explorer, or Chrome browsers.) The questions are multiple choice, but the longer you take to answer, the fewer points you’ll earn. Have at it.