We’re Having Fun Behind the Scenes at Sundance

January 22, 2013 by Maria Goodavage in

Three people in foreground drink and talk at a crowded party
Our very own Steve Goldbloom schmoozes his way behind the scenes

Can’t make it to Sundance Film Festival this year? Neither could some of us at the office, and at least a few other people in the world.

But tens of thousands of others have descended on the festival, and our very own crack(pot) reporter Steve Goldbloom is right in the thick of the crowd. Check out his fun take on schmoozing the fest.

If you like that video, check out his Ridiculous Things Said at Sundance from last year.

Goldbloom takes off the SNL hat for a great interview with Lois Vossen, Independent Lens senior series producer. It was an easy interview to score, since our staffers had to all squeeze into one cozy condo. Did you know Vossen hitchhikes around the fest? Learn more about what she’s doing there.

We’ve also done some more serious Sundance interviews (decidedly not by Goldbloom) that are worth watching. You can catch all our behind-the-scenes videos on the PBS Sundance YouTube page. The page will be updated as the week goes along.

Maria Goodavage