Independent Lens Audience Award graphic

Statues, laurels, trophies, medals, plaques, certificates … there are plenty of awards to be won in the film business, but there is only ONE Independent Lens Audience Award, honoring our fans’ favorite film of the season. Like audience awards at the great film festivals, filmmakers especially treasure our audience award because it is an expression of appreciation not from peers, or industry, or critics, but from the people who saw and were moved by their film.

Last season, for the first time ever, we had two winners — Strong! and Have You Heard from Johannesburg — thanks to the passionate show of support by fans of each film. Here’s what Strong! director Julie Wyman, had to say after learning that her film was one of the winners:

It’s so rewarding for me, for my production team to find the audience so in love with our hero, Cheryl Haworth, and for the film to receive recognition from such a broad and wonderful base as the Indie Lens audience. Most importantly, this award honors and validates the film’s big picture goal of expanding the range of images of and possibilities for young women out here.

Think hard. Of the 19 broadcast premieres this season, which one was your absolute favorite? Voting is open until Friday, June 28, 2013 at 6 PM EDT (3 PM PDT), then we’ll announce the winner during the following week.

Cast your votes on our Audience Award page. Just click on the yellow stars — 1 star being OK, 5 stars being the best — to rate the films you’ve seen. You may also vote for as many films as you want.

Good luck to the filmmakers!