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They descended into a labyrinth of copper mines every day except Sunday—the day the church bells tolled for that week’s dead. They spoke 16 different languages and hailed from the four corners of the earth, yet they forged a community united in spirit and purpose. BUTTE, AMERICA shines a spotlight on these hard-working heroes, and the fierce battles fought for labor rights in a company town.
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Co-Writer and Co-Producer Edwin Dobb stands beside Producer/Director Pamela Roberts atop a mountain overlooking a fog-filled valley. A camera is to the left in front of them, and Dobb is wearing a black winter jacket and a grey knit cap while Roberts wears a bright yellow down parka and a black knit cap.

The Making Of:

“The locations and logistics were often difficult. The underground tunnels and shafts beneath the surface of Butte…a toxic lake loaded with heavy metals…”   Read the filmmaker Q&A >>

The Filmmakers:

“As a producer/director, I feel a tremendous responsibility to both my storytellers and viewers to be truthful. Telling stories and hearing stories feeds my soul…” 
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Director Pamela Roberts and Cinematographer Erik Daarstad frame a shot with a video camera in the foreground and a white Victorian house in the background.

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