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A Letter from Jose Ansaldo and an Update from Oscar Ramos [UPDATED]

UPDATE (3/26/21): We heard great news about East of Salinas star José Ansaldo that we just had to share. José got accepted to U.C. Berkeley! Here’s more from Salinas supervisor Luis Alejo, as well as in the local news. Jose overcame all odds growing up in #EastSalinas & worked so hard to earn a very … READ MORE

Blood Brother Update from Rocky Braat: Continuing the Story

Since Blood Brother aired on Independent Lens in early 2014, many of the film’s fans continue to ask how Rocky Braat and the kids he works with in India are doing. We posted one update on Rocky awhile back. But from the filmmakers comes this special video update, in time for World AIDS Day (December 1st). From … READ MORE

“Stray Dog” Updates: Ron Advises Veterans and His Stepsons Check In

Stray Dog filmmaker Debra Granik, on our behalf, checked back in with the subjects of her film, Ron “Stray Dog” Hall, and his Mexican-born stepsons, Angel and Jesús, to see how they were faring these days.  Ron wanted to focus specifically on veterans. To follow up on a question I asked Granik about how veterans respond to the film, … READ MORE

Tony Sullivan and Limited Partnership Producer React to Supreme Court Ruling on Marriage Equality

Naturally, when news of the Supreme Court ruling on marriage equality came down, a 5-4 vote that the Constitution guarantees a right to same sex marriage, our thoughts immediately turned to the makers and main character of Limited Partnership. We heard from the film’s co-producer Kirk Marcolina, and from Tony Sullivan, who with his longtime … READ MORE

Island President Updates: Former Maldives President Arrested

Update (1/18/16): Nasheed was allowed to leave prison and the Maldives in order to get needed surgery in Britain. But apparently he’s been asked to return to Maldives once recovered to serve the rest of his sentence. Update (4/30/15): Amal Clooney writes an impassioned plea in the Guardian: “Release Mohamed Nasheed – an innocent man and … READ MORE

An Update on Alex Libby

The response to Bully has been incredible, with much of it centering on one of the film’s most moving characters, Alex Libby. Since many viewers were worried about him and were understandably empathetic, we put together an update on where he is today.