CATEGORY: Where Are They Now?

Video Extras and Updates About the Ponces of Circo

If you’ve seen Circo, you might be wondering whatever happened to Tino and his wife, Ivonne after she left, and of course the children, the extended family, and the circus itself. We certainly wanted to know what had happened to them. Fortunately, director Aaron Schock provided us with a couple of extra video shorts to … READ MORE

The Return: Genetically Pure Bison Reintroduced to Montana

After shooting wrapped on Facing the Storm: Story of the American Bison, filmmaker Doug Hawes-Davis captured the story of the historic transfer of wild, genetically-pure bison from Yellowstone National Park to the Fort Peck tribes of northeastern Montana. Here’s his 16-minute short film of this inspiring tale:

Facing the Storm: A Buffalo (News) Roundup!

To celebrate Earth Day, we ask, “Where do the buffalo roam?” Facing the Storm: Story of the American Bison (airing April 26, check local listings) follows the American West’s relationship with the largest land mammal on the continent. In the early 19th century, 30 million buffalo inhabited the Great Plains, and the Native Americans revered them. … READ MORE

Updates from the Tucson Unified School District

Since the cameras stopped rolling on the documentary Precious Knowledge (premiering May 17 on Independent Lens), the Tucson Unified School District has been all over the news. Precious Knowledge follows the student backlash from a school board decision to dismantle the Mexican American Studies program. Catch up on the whole story with our handy guide to the … READ MORE

The Resurrection of the Electric Car Film Franchise

Chris Paine’s 2006 film Who Killed the Electric Car was, he thought, an elegy for an idea that wasn’t so much ahead of its time, but rather ahead of Detroit’s willingness to break free from the fossil fuel interests to which it had willingly enslaved itself. We asked him about the unexpected opportunity to make … READ MORE

Independent Lens Goes to the 84th Academy Awards

We’re lucky enough to be able to share these gorgeous photos from Sunday night’s Academy Awards ceremony, thanks to Danfung Dennis — who was nominated for Best Documentary Feature for Hell and Back Again – and Susan Margolin of New Video. Enjoy!

Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill Migrating to the ‘Burbs

We saw this item in yesterday’s San Francisco Chronicle, and knew we’d have to post it here for posterity. There’s news about the Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill (the birds themselves, not the film); the flocks are migrating slowly to other parts of the Bay Area, including one group occupying the sleepy town of Brisbane, … READ MORE

The Island President Appears on Morning Edition After Apparent Coup

Former Maldives President Mohamed Nasheed appeared on Morning Edition this week. Nasheed was forced to resign earlier this month in what he referred to as a coup, a claim his successor denies. He is featured in the documentary The Island President, which will air next season on Independent Lens. Listen to NPR’s Morning Edition interview … READ MORE

Lioness Filmmakers Respond to Pentagon Announcement

On February 9th, 2012, the Pentagon unveiled plans to allow women to serve in jobs that would put them closer to the front lines but still block them from all-male infantry, armor, and special-operation units. Although represented by the Pentagon as “the beginning, not the end, of a process,” this current action does little more … READ MORE

Lioness Impact Continues: Pentagon to Change Women in Combat Rules

News today that the Pentagon plans to change some of its long-standing rules on women in combat, to reflect the reality that the ban currently in place does not represent the reality on the battlefield. Lioness, a film that influenced this policy change, aired on Independent Lens in 2008 (and was rebroadcast in December 2011). … READ MORE

Remembering Wangari Maathai

Lisa Merton and Alan Dater, the producers of Taking Root: The Vision of Wangari Maathai, attended the Nobel laureate and environmental activist’s funeral in Kenya in October. Merton offered Independent Lens this report on Maathai’s legacy. Taking Root will be rebroadcast beginning on January 5. Wangari Muta Maathai, the first African woman and the first … READ MORE