CATEGORY: Where Are They Now?

Whither the Abductees in a Post-Kim Jong-il North Korea?

With news of the death of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-il, we immediately thought of the implications for the Japanese citizens abducted by Kim’s regime and never returned. So we asked Chris Sheridan, who made Abduction: The Megumi Yokota Story with co-director Patty Kim and Academy Award-winning producer Jane Campion, to provide us with an … READ MORE

Lives Worth Living Director Eric Neudel: Many Voices, One Purpose

We asked Director Eric Neudel about his film Lives Worth Living, which premieres on Independent Lens tonight at 10pm (check local listings). The film follows the formation and journey of the disability rights movement through the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990. The movement scored one of the most significant civil rights … READ MORE

Remembering Artist Piri Thomas

Back in 2004, Independent Lens aired the film Every Child is Born a Poet, a portrait of the artist Piri Thomas. Sadly, we learned that Mr. Thomas passed away last week at the age of 83. Richard Saiz, senior programming manager for the Independent Television Service, knew Mr. Thomas and wrote this appreciation. Piri Thomas … READ MORE

Seth Thomas, Featured in Knocking, Dies

Sad news from Joel Engardio, director of the 2007 audience favorite Knocking. Seth Thomas, the young man in the film who received a transfusion-free liver transplant to remain true to his faith as a Jehovah’s Witness, passed away on February 14. He was 30 years old.

Whatever Happened to … The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill?

What’s red and green and on your TV this holiday? Cherry-headed conures! Next week we get to bring back the old Independent Lens favorite The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill for the holiday season! The film will be broadcast on Independent Lens on Tuesday at 10 PM on PBS (check local listings). Then as an … READ MORE

‘The Day My God Died’ Hero Up for CNN Award

Anuradha Koirala, who was featured in the 2004 Independent Lens film The Day My God Died, has been nominated as a Top 10 CNN Hero. Voting for the prestigious honor is now closed, but the Hero of the Year will be honored on Thanksgiving Day on CNN. The Day My God Died, by Andrew Levine, … READ MORE

Fill in the Blank: Whatever Happened to _________?

Here at the Independent Lens Blog, we’re looking to improve your experience by filling in some inevitable blanks created by the passage of time. We’ve broadcast hundreds of films, now that we’re in our 9th official season. Over those years, you’ve met an incredible range of characters: politicians, activists, artists, musicians, students, parents, grandparents, attempted … READ MORE