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A black and brown striped cat lounges on a blanket next to a copy of the newspaper with the headline “A Nation Challenged” and a Jimmy Mirikitani painting of a similarly colored cat

Jimmy Mirikitani’s art reflects his long and eventful life, as well as the world around him. Images of the Tule Lake internment camp, Japanese landscapes, and playful cats pepper Mirikitani’s drawings and paintings, revealing the artist’s own sensibilities regarding humor, loss and love of life.

An artist from a young age, Mirikitani’s career has spanned countries, coasts and cities. He has been back to his homeland of Japan, been imprisoned and detained in California and Texas, worked as a cook in New York City, and sold artwork to survive on the city’s streets. His paintings echo not only a diversity of places, but also a rich and often tragic history that is both personal and social, from the tragedies of World War II to our current post-9/11 political environment.

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