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Chico News and Review: This Land is Whose Land?
Don Normark speaks about his photography collection and CHAVEZ RAVINE: A Los Angeles Story.

Los Angeles Times: Requiem for the Ravine
Read a brief history of the destruction of Chavez Ravine in this review of Normark’s book.

The Chavez Ravine Story
Get the year-by-year details of the destruction of Chavez Ravine and relationship to local politics in this Flash movie.

PBS: Online News Hour: The Neighborhood
Read a transcript of essayist Richard Rodriguez’s 1999 broadcast on the history of Chavez Ravine.

Los Angeles CityBeat: Sacred Mound
Learn about Latino comedy troupe Cultural Clash’s play Chavez Ravine, based on the stories of former community residents.

Dodger Stadium
Get the facts on Dodger Stadium, including its dimensions, locations, ticket types and other related trivia.

Walter O’Malley
Learn more about former Brooklyn Dodgers owner O’Malley, who moved the team to Los Angeles in the 1950s and helped establish Dodger Stadium amid the political turmoil of the Chavez Ravine destruction.

Revisiting the McCarthy Era: Looking at Wilkinson v. United States in Light of Wilkinson v. Federal Bureau of Investigation
Read former Los Angeles housing authority official Frank Wilkinson’s account of his experiences as a target of the House Committee of Un-American Activities in the light of the Chavez Ravine controversy.

ACLU News: Rights Day Honors Wilkinson, Fight Against HUAC
Read a tribute to Wilkinson by the ACLU in this 1998 article.

PBS: American Family: East L.A.
Learn more about the history of East Los Angeles, now home to the largest Hispanic community in the United States. Take the interactive multimedia tour to explore the area’s past and present.

PBS: American Experience: Zoot Suit Riots
Explore an interactive map of Los Angeles during the so-called “Zoot Suit Riots” of 1943 that took place in and around Chavez Ravine.

Albums and Books

Chávez Ravine, 1949: A Los Angeles Story
By Don Normark
(Chronicle Books, 1999)
Normark’s stunning photo collection of Chavez Ravine, published half a century after the neighborhood’s destruction, provides the backdrop for the film and includes an account of the community’s history in his own words.

Chavez Ravine
By Ry Cooder
(Nonesuch, 2005)
Cooder’s soundtrack album to CHAVEZ RAVINE portrays fictional and non-fictional characters in songs that recollect aspects of the lost community.

Public Dollars, Private Stadiums: The Battle Over Building Sports Stadiums
By Kevin J. Delaney and Rick Eckstein
(Rutgers University Press, 2003)
Who and what profits from the construction of large sports stadiums? This study reveals the politically and economically charged dynamics between sports teams, cities and private developers.

Fritz B. Burns and the Development of Los Angeles
By James Thomas Keane
(Historical Society of Southern California, 2001)
This biography of Burns, a Los Angeles real estate developer who played a significant role in waging a political and media campaign against the Chavez Ravine housing project, also provides a history of post-war housing development in L.A.

Richard Neutra and the Search for Modern Architecture
By Thomas S. Hines
(Oxford University Press, 1982)
Hines explores modern architectural efforts in post-war America in this biography of Austrian architect Neutra, who drew up the plans for the housing project that was to be built on Chavez Ravine.

The Provisional City: Los Angeles Stories of Architecture and Urbanism
By Dana Cuff
(The MIT Press, 2002)
Focusing on Los Angeles, Cuff looks at urban transformation through the architecture and land development of large-scale residential projects, including Richard Neutra’s Chavez Ravine project.


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