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"I wanted to make a film that would remind people about the importance of exercising one’s constitutional rights…. My goal from the beginning has been to reintroduce this chapter of recent history to a new generation, for they are the ones who will hopefully benefit the most from this story."

—Brett Morgen
Illustration: Abbie Hoffman holds a telephone receiver to his ear, listening.
“It was a bit like going to acting fantasy camp because I got to sit there and jump in the booth with all of our performers…. It was a pretty extraordinary experience."
Find out about the music, the actors and challenges in making this documentary. Read The Making Of >>
Close-up photo of Abbie Hoffman, wearing a top hat with the word Yippie written on it.
“As I did my research for the film, I became increasingly inspired by the work of Abbie Hoffman and the Yippies. What I most admired was their sense of theatrics and their ability to expose injustice through humor and charm.”
Read the Filmmaker Statement to find out why he is so passionate about this film and the challenges he faced in making it work >>
Headshot of Brett Morgen. Behind him on a desk are two computer screens showing animated scenes from CHICAGO 10. From On the Ropes to The Kid Stays in the Picture, commercials and more, Read Director/Writer/Producer Brett Morgen's bio >>
Illustration: Abbie Hoffman sits on the edge of a bed in a sparse, dimly lit hotel room, talking on the telephone. It takes many people to make a complex live-action/animation film. See who makes things happen, behind the scenes.

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