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Welcome to the ITVS COMMUNITY CLASSROOM lesson plans for CHICAGO 10. Mixing animation with archival footage, CHICAGO 10 explores the buildup and unraveling of the protest at the 1968 Democratic National Convention in Chicago and the ensuing 1969 Conspiracy Trial. Set to the music of revolution, both then and now, CHICAGO 10 is a parable of hope, courage and ultimate victory—the story of young Americans speaking out and taking a stand.

Two lesson plans geared toward high school and college students can be used in several subject areas, including social studies, politics, history and civics.

Video Modules:

Activity 1: Dissent in Democracy

Democracy is designed to be open to differing views and diversity of opinion. This lesson first looks at how dissent is manifested in American democracy and then examines the protests surrounding the 1968 Democratic National Convention as a form of dissent. Students will create their own expressions of dissent regarding an issue that affects them.

Download the Dissent in Democracy lesson plan >> (PDF, 320K)

Activity 2: Media Literacy

This lesson provides students with an opportunity to critically view and analyze media and explore how images are constructed. Students will hear from the filmmaker himself about his intention behind the film and then determine whether or not he was able to achieve his goals. Students will also be able to practice their speaking and presentation skills.

Download the Media Literacy lesson plan >> (PDF, 120K)

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