Chicago 10

The Stage

Photo showing the tops of four helmeted policemen’s heads. A sign in the background reads Democratic National Convention.

The Convention

Although the 1968 Democratic National Convention lasted just a few days, the political fracturing around the party’s nomination and the clashes between anti-war demonstrators and police on the streets stunned a national television audience and resulted in the ensuing trial.

Find out what happened, both in and outside convention headquarters >>
Illustration: Overhead scene of a courtroom showing the jury on one side and two tables for the defendants and prosecutor. A man, seen from the back, faces the judge at his bench.

The Trial

Drama in the courtroom threatens to trump order in the court as eight men charged with conspiracy to "incite, organize, promote and encourage" antiwar riots at the Chicago DNC, attempt to bring theatrics to judge and jury.

Learn about the people and the events at the Chicago Conspiracy Trial >>
Black and white photo of Martin Luther King speaking. Two men, one black and one white, stand near him looking on.

The Times

Lyndon Johnson was in office. Young men were being drafted to fight an unpopular war; Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Bobby Kennedy were assassinated and students were killed while demonstrating for integration. The peace movement was growing and citizens were becoming restless.

Learn more about the times: the events that set the stage for the riots at the convention, the trial and its aftermath >>

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