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Monica Affleck Spiritcavegrl
Philadelphia PA
I saw "Cosmopolitan" in New York, November 7, 2003. Nisha was also there to greet people, she is so friendly and funny. I really have to give the film a 10+ because of the intensity of the storyline. I enjoyed the movie so much that I went out and bought it as soon as it was released. Nisha will go a long way, she is magic behind the camera.

Dallas, TX
I unfortunately only got to see the last 15 minutes of the movie, but what I saw was great. Seth is an amazing actor who shows so much depth in his role. Unfortunately, we're in a time when Indian actors can't find consistent work in the US, or suffer from typecasting. Such practices only deprive American audiences of wonderful actors. I applaud Independent Lens by showing such great films on a consistent basis. It will take some time, but with programs like Independent Lens giving unknown actors and films a start, American film companies won't be able to deny this wealth of talent.

J. Chowdhury
Dallas, TX
What a serendipitous discovery! Like many other PBS progams, it shows what television could have been, can be, and should be.

Thank you so much for airing what might be beyond the grasp of a contemporary mass audience, numbed by the typical brainless fare.

~ JC ~

Laura Ryan
Memphis, TN
Charming! First rate writing, very rare these days on television. First rate actors, they may be on the B-List but not in my book. Sequel perhaps?

Kevin Fields
Mt. Sterling, KY
This was a beautiful film! I loved every minute of it, I wasn't disappointed in the least. Independent Lens is quickly becoming my new Saturday night obsession thanks to great quality films like this.

Ravi Kumar
I have read the original short story by Mr.Akhil Sharma and unfortunately saw only the last 10 odd minutes of this movie.

Even so, the movie left me with a lot of soul searching.

Would it be too much to request PBS and gigantic pictures to air this movie once again sometime later this year so that viewers may have a chance to see it in it's entirety.

Thank you for choosing good movies. But PBS needs to publicize the Independentlens more aggressively so that it is not lost in the sea of the excellent and factual documentaries.

I hope you really do air this movie again.


Ravi Kumar

Vipin Agarwalla
Queens, NY
It was a delight to watch this beautifully made movie.

I agree with the comments made by Jane from Milwaukee that "it is important for immigrants to remember where they came from however the immense need to fit in or be excepted can almost extinguish a person's culture."

I saw Cosmopolitan last night and absolutely loved it, laughed many times out loud. Very witty, loved the candy-colored style, and the acting and directing were absolutely first rate. Congratulations on such an original work. Thanks for keeping on-

All my best,

La Crosse, WI
I am really getting into Independent Lens and enjoying the movie shows. Thanks PBS for your support for various cultural movies. I have to say that the movie was really funny and something that most of us can relate to in everyday life! I loved it and would like to see more movies like this!

Megha Shyam
Corvallis, OR
We saw Cosmoplitan last night. Wow! the story line was very plausible and I can think of many friends and collegues who could be a deadringer for Seth's Gopal, as well as the role of Kane's Helen.

Awesome. I can't wait for the director's next effort.

megha shyam

Jeff Jones
San Francisco, CA

Usually I quite dislike the romantic comedy genre. Yet this was the most entertaining, if not adorable film I've seen in years.

What I enjoyed was that the film didn't serve up the usual cliches about suddenly single men. Roshan Seth's character, though awkward, was refreshingly sensitive. Carol Kane was equally endearing.

And the Bollywood fantasy sequences were an absolute delight. Still more gratifying is to see the growing influence of Indian talent in the American media.

I will be sure to recommend this film to all my friends.

Hannah Medrow
Milwaukee, WI
Cosmopolitan accurately depicted the way everyday small things add-up to create the big things in life. The story was sweet and touching without exploiting cheap sentiment. The performances were great, too, making the characters believable and very likeable. Visually, the movie was pleasing, especially some of the colors in the sets and the flashback scenes to Gopal's boyhood. I really enjoyed this movie. I'm glad I tuned in to Independent Lense last night.

Jane Alexopoulos
Milwaukee, WI
I really loved this movie. The writing in the film was unbelievable. I didn't want the film to end. Brava to the writer and Brave to all the other important players in making this film.

I believe that it is important for immigrants to remember where they came from however the immense need to fit in or be excepted can almost extinguish a person's culture. I am thankful that my parents, especially my father, made sure that our culture and language was kept. It wasn't cool to be bilingual when I was growing up in a German neighborhood. Now it is and I am happy that I have my culture and strong family ties. When the friends of the family were comparing their daughter to Gopol's daughter's accomplishments, I thought I would die. I laughed so much and also felt great empathy for Gopol's situation.
I know of Bollywood films due to my college roommate's family being from India. I hope that Bollywood isn't going toward Hollywood in that the sweetness and rather dorkiness is loveable. Hollywood has become tainted. I love the old Hollywood movies that were like Bollywood.
I have seen Roshan Seth in many movies in which he acted. I love foreign films and I believe that the "American Audience" will be very very very slow to groove to foreign films or foreign actors. Until film writers and script writers have quality material, like Cosmopolitan, I don't think gifted and talented actors like Roshan Seth will want to take them. We don't need an Indian "Jackie Chan" if you know what I mean. I love roles that are thoughtful and make you think.
Jane Alexpoulos

Jim Corlett
Walkertown, NC
What an esquisite Film!! Such a fine mixture of techniques from India and docudrama...that contributed to the delicate exploration of the cultural differences--all summed up in the quiet Thank you for the cricket bat. Have enjoyed Roshan Seth's work since "My Beautiful Launderete"--someday the world of the Indian student in America or the life in California's Sikh communities will be discovered. Thanks & Banakam!

Boise Idaho
THANK YOU for such a fun and touching piece and especially for the chance to enjoy Rashan Seth. He brings such warmth and depth to his portrayals and he remains a "hottie" across any ethnic lines! How can "main stream" producers NOT be utilizing his fine and elegant talent. A mystery indeed.

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