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The Environmental Protection Agency calls the former lead mining town of Picher, Oklahoma one of the most toxic places in America, but a dwindling population still calls it home. THE CREEK RUNS RED explores the human response to environmental disaster and the complex connections between people and place.
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A red and white diner with a sign that reads Betty's Dairy Inn with a white water tower behind it that reads Picher, Gorillas since 1918

The Making Of:

"It seems we were suspected of being just another government-funded project trying to make a buck off their misfortunes, or they simply saw us as outsiders invading their town."  More >>

The Filmmakers:

"I think the film does suggest questions that we'd hope the viewer might be intrigued to know, such as: how it is that we're still struggling to clean up the worst accidents of the post-industrial age?"  More >>
A hill of chat sits behind weeds, brush and a sign that reads U.S. property, no trespassing

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