When indie rock drummer Pat Spurgeon finally gets his big break, his body breaks down. Refusing to make his failing kidney a deterrent, Pat goes on tour with his band Rogue Wave: making music, searching for a donor and administering his own dialysis along.  Images: An illustration with six cartoon-type figures arrayed around a photo-illustration of drummer Pat Spurgeon in the center. Four of the figures are holding guitars, while the woman at the top right is looking up and smiling. At the bottom left is an illustration of Pat preparing his dialysis bag.

Pat, in a green t-shirt and jeans, sits behind his drum kit playing and smiling.

A photo illustration of Pat Spurgeon with drawings of a heart, lungs, kidneys and blood vessels superimposed on his body. Also superimposed is a trail of white dots representing his circulatory system.

A head-and-neck photograph of Pat Spurgeon, with puffy red hair and a beard. His head is tilted down and to the right and his eyebrows are raised.
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 “It's like my mantra. I can't do anything else. All I do and all I_ve ever have done is play music.”—Pat Spurgeon
Organ Donation
Learn the facts about organ donation, and watch a PSA featuring your host, Maggie Gyllenhaal.
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Myths & Realities Quiz
Is the sticker on your license enough? Do doctors treat donors differently in life-threatening situations? Separate truth from fiction.
Video Extras
The filmmaker and his subject talk frankly about the film and where Pat is today.
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