Gay Parenting: Fiction vs. Fact

Film Credits

Johnny Symons

Lindsay Sablosky

Kim Roberts

Gail Huddleson
Johnny Symons
Andy Abrahams Wilson

Original Score
Janice Giteck

Additional Music
David Conley
Glenys Rogers

Audio Post Production
Philip Perkins, C.A.S.

Assistant Editors
Gentle Blythe
Michael Lannan
Ruthie Sakheim
Asako Ushio

Additional Photography
Lisa Denker
John Glick
Charlotte Lagarde
Peter LoGreco
Sienna McLean
Kim Roberts
Laleh Soomekh
Martha Swetzoff
Asako Ushio
Vanessa Warheit

Sound Recordists
Rachel Antell
Sienna McLean
Jen Petrucelli

On Line Editor
Bob Campbell

Title Design
James Kenney

Aftereffects Editor
Andrew Damon

Kevin Barrans, percussion
Sura Charlier, woodwinds
David Conley, guitar
Richard Fultineer, drums
Judy Geist, viola
Janice Giteck, piano
Toby Hanson, accordion
Sam Potsubay, harmonica
Glenys Rogers, vocals, percussion
Andy Stoller, bass

Music Recording
Mydnyte Productions

Annie Hershey
Lakshmi Kerner
Meredith McMonigle
Monique Ramirez
Jen Speed
Mae Yao

Archival Footage & Stills
Lynn Black
Dora Dean Bradley
Brad Braverman
Philip Himberg
Doug Houghton
In the Life Media, Inc.
Cathy Smith
Kelly Wallace
Fannie & Jim Williams
Albert J. Winn
Louis Wolfson II Media History Center
WPLG 10, Miami

Publicity Stills
Kim Larson

On Line Facility
Varitel Modern Videofilm

Additional On Line Services
Video Arts

Audio Facility
The See A Dog, Hear A Dog Co.

Closed Captioning
Pillar to Post

Legal Advisors
Peter Franck
Richard Lee

Fiscal Sponsors
Iris Feminist Collective
Swell Cinema

Advisory Board
Peter Biella
Luna Calderon
Scottye J. Cash
Estelle Freedman
Joshua Gamson
Joe Gonzales
Ellen Lewin
Meredith Maran
Frances Reid
Scott Ryan

Principal Subjects
Philip Himberg
Jim Ballantine
Fanny Ballantine-Himberg
Kelly Wallace
Ray Wallace
Jesse Wallace
Doug Houghton
Oscar Williams
William Rogers
Kenyon Symons-Rogers
Zachary Symons-Rogers

Additional Subjects
Sharon Anderson
Gil Avila
Dora Dean Bradley
Steven Kozlowski
Jack Rosenfeld
Cathy Smith
Susie Symons
Fannie & Jim Williams
Nancy Wallace
Helen Williams
Vincent Zamora
and Ginnie Potsubay (1915-2002)

Special Thanks
Josh Burke
Laurel Chiten
Eli Despres
Eric Ferrero
Gloria Fowler
Christine Hoang
Pamela Harris
Nellie Hurth
John F. Kraetzer
Charlotte Lagarde
Jon Logan
Scott McAbee
Amy Quinn
John Ratliff
Rosemary Roach
Will Rountree
San Francisco State Univ. Cinema Dept
Elizabeth Schwartz
Bill Sheehan’s Tuxedo Junction
Jon Shenk
Tom Shepard
Howard Simon
Hanlon Smith-Dorsey
Brian Sussman
Amy Symons
Joe Symons
AJ Turpin
and especially to William

Recording studios courtesy of KING FM and Cornish College of the Arts,
Seattle, WA, and Pierce College, Tacoma, WA

“Daddy’s Home”
Written by James Sheppard & William Henry Miller
Courtesy of EMI Publishing
and Music Sales Corporation, Three Wise Boys Music LLC
Performed by Shep & the Limelites
Courtesy of Rhino Records
By arrangement with Warner Special Products and EMI Special Markets

“Chapter iv Reprise”
Composed and performed by Michael Halaas

“Brian’s Kids” appears courtesy of KPIX-TV 5, San Francisco

Rugrats excerpt from “Rugrats in Paris: The Movie,” Paramount Studios

Produced in association with the Independent Television Service.

Funding for DADDY & PAPA was provided by

California Council for the Humanities
Pacific Pioneer Fund
The Ted Snowdon Foundation
Paul Robeson Fund for Independent Media/Funding Exchange
The Edna Wardlaw Trust
H. van Ameringen Foundation
Film Arts Foundation Grants Program
PG&E Lesbian and Gay Youth Education Fund/The Horizons Foundation
Ken & Alan (the Bubbies)
James Gillis & Pierre Mitchell
Thom Lynch
Robert H. Martin

This program was produced by Johnny Symons,
who is solely responsible for its content.

Produced in association with the Independent Television Service (ITVS),
with funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting.

© 2002 Johnny Symons
All Rights Reserved

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