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Headshot of Hannah Foullah

Hannah Foullah heads Radio Democracy, the most-listened-to FM radio station in Sierra Leone, located in the capitol of Freetown. DEMOCRACY ON DEADLINE followed her efforts to establish the radio station and cover the country’s first election after a brutal civil war. With no broadcasting infrastructure and no funding, Foullah and fellow reporter Andrew Kromah asked other radio stations to combine resources with Radio Democracy, forming the independent radio network to cover the elections.

What story (or stories) have you worked on since filming wrapped on DEMOCRACY ON DEADLINE?

I have always worked on various issues. I have however always had a special preference for women's issues. I have continued doing stories on women especially the contribution of women to the peace processes and development in their countries.

Of all the stories you have covered, which has been most important, or the one you feel most proud of?

I feel the live coverage of the National Union of Sierra Leonean strike as a breaking news story was very important in exposing police inadequacies in dealing with present day issues. It was a story that unfolded minute after minute and exposed the brutality of the police force and the fact that they still have a long way to go in policing in a democratic dispensation.

What do you think of the present and future of independent journalism?

Independent journalism is still struggling. However, considering where we have come from, I think these are the best years we have seen. I believe we can only test how far we have gone by pushing the limits.

How has technology influenced your job?

The use of the Internet is very relevant in my job though we still have problems with poor quality service. There are more service providers but the better they are, the more costly the service which is not always affordable for all media houses.

How do you find your stories?

Everyday people and issues influence stories I have done. I try to focus on the issues of ordinary people... everyday people.

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