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DEMOCRACY ON DEADLINE follows international journalists in the field—from the corridors of American power to the world’s most dangerous and voiceless regions—to see how reporters are working against all odds to uncover stories and get the news to the public.

Many of the featured journalists have provided updates on their work since filming ended. They also share their thoughts on the state of independent journalism, the impact of the Internet and new media on reporting, and the most important story they’ve covered to date.

Get information, updates and Q&As for the journalists featured in the film.

Headshot of Carlotta Gall Carlotta Gall
Correspondent, The New York Times
Afghanistan, Western Pakistan

If people really know the truth, or really know what’s going on, they are so much more empowered to have a control over their lives and the fate of their country.

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Headshot of Amira Hass Amira Hass
Correspondent, Haaretz
Israel/Palestinian Territories

The first role of journalism… is to monitor power.

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Headshot of Amos Schocken Amos Schocken
Publisher, Haaretz
Israel/Palestinian Territories

Telling the truth is always part of our main business and there are no questions about it. I just don’t see questions about it.

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Headshot of Gideon Levy Gideon Levy
Correspondent, Haaretz
Israel/Palestinian Territories

I want to show us, not them. I’m showing us, the Israelis. I’m showing us to ourselves. I’m putting a mirror.

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Headshot of Ricardo Rocha Ricardo Rocha
Head of Detrás de la Noticia (Behind the News)

The government was a bit tired of my news reports. They said I was always destabilizing the country.

More about Ricardo Rocha >>

Headshot of Chris Anyanwu Chris Anyanwu
Chris Anyanwu Head of The Sunday Magazine

No soldier will dictate to me how I'm going to write or how I'm going to report reality.

More from Chris Anyanwu >>

Headshot of Anna Politkovskaya Anna Politkovskaya
Reporter, Novaya Gazeta

Our people should have a glimmer that maybe things in Chechnya aren’t the way the authorities say and that maybe we should demand a change.

More about Anna Politkovskaya >>

Headshot of Alexei Venediktov Alexei Venediktov
Founder and Head of Ekho Moskvy Radio

In the past year there has been an increase in personal danger. Many Russian journalists are killed and many political journalists are threatened. Their lives are threatened. This includes me.

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Headshot of Hannah Foullah Hannah Foullah
Head of Radio Democracy
Sierra Leone

The media has a very important role to play in how we see ourselves and the way we develop.

More from Hannah Foullah >>

Headshot of Andrew Kromah Andrew Kromah
Owner and Manager of Radio Skye and Radio Kiss
Sierra Leone

I don't see us having a true democracy without empowering the people, without educating the people.

More about Andrew Kromah >>

Headshot of Jonathan Landay Jonathan Landay
Senior Correspondent, National Security, formerly with Knight Ridder

I think that there was a failure on the part of the American press akin to the intelligence failure perpetrated by the American government when it came to Iraq. And that failure was, bottom line, that the mainstream press for the most part failed to do its job.

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Headshot of Dana Milbank Dana Milbank
Former White House Correspondent, The Washington Post
Washington D.C.

It's very hard to do real reporting on the Bush White House. You are just being spoon-fed stories. It is very hard to avoid being a stenographer.

More from Dana Milbank >>

Headshot of Deborah Nelson Deborah Nelson
Editor, formerly with Los Angeles Times investigative unit
Washington D.C.

Investigative reporting is setting your own agenda. It’s not chasing somebody else’s investigation. It’s having the government chase yours. It’s doing your own independent research to determine what is true and what is not.

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Headshot of Chuck Neubauer Chuck Neubauer
Reporter, Los Angeles Times investigative unit
Washington D.C.

Chuck is the best. He has put a governor, an attorney general, a treasurer and a congressman in prison.
––Deborah Nelson, investigative editor

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Headshot of Dana Priest Dana Priest
National Security Correspondent, The Washington Post
Washington D.C.

You are going to give away your democracy if you don’t take responsibility for the decisions that are made in your name.

More from Dana Priest >>

Headshot of Ken Silverstein Ken Silverstein
Reporter, formerly with Los Angeles Times investigative unit
Washington D.C.

Short of somebody being filmed accepting a bag of cash from a terrorist... there are no consequences in this town. It’s almost impossible to get in trouble in Washington.

More from Ken Silverstein >>

Headshot of Warren Strobel Warren Strobel
Senior Correspondent, Foreign Affairs, formerly with Knight Ridder
Washington D.C.

I… became aware that there was actually this group in the government, in the Pentagon, in the vice-president's office and elsewhere, who was trying to make their own foreign policy separate and distinct from what we thought foreign policy was. It was almost like a shadow government.

More from Warren Strobel >>


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