Film Credits

Directed by
Bill Benenson
Gene Rosow

Co Director
Eleonore Dailly

Produced by
Bill Benenson Gene Rosow Eleonore Dailly

Executive Producer
Laurie Benenson

Narrated by
Jamie Lee Curtis

Based on the Book: Dirt, The Ecstatic Skin of the Earth
By William Bryant Logan

Narration Written by
Gene Rosow
Linda Post
Laurie Benenson

Post Production Producer
Lisa Yesko

Edited by
Jonathan P. Shaw, A.C.E.

Additional Editing
Brian Singbiel
Alexandra Komisaruk

Music Supervisor
Tom Schnabel

Associate Producers
Tracy J. Brown
Marisa Murgatroyd
Christine Deitner
Tyler Harbour

Sound Design
Michael Kowalski

Additional Music Composed by
Jorge Corante

Re-Recording Mixer
Mark Berger, C.A.S.

First Assistant Editor
Morgan Gross

Assistant Editor
Bradford Hill

Animation by
Suspicious Productions
Producer/Director: Madévi Dailly
Art director: Andy Fielding
Background artist: Andy Fielding
Storyboard artist: Mårten Jönmark
Madévi Dailly
Selina Wagner
Robert Zywietz
Nikolay Vorontsov
Compositor: Alasdair Brotherston

Acme Filmworks
Producer: David Schmier
Animator: Luc Perez

23D Films
Designer/Director: Eric Keyes
Executive Producer : Joseph A. Russo II
Executive Producer: James A. Fino
Lead Animator/Compositor: Ben Ceccarelli
Lead Stop-Motion Animator: Jeffrey McCarthy

Main Title and Visual Effects
Rugby Road, Inc.

Production Staff
Leslie Gant
Eve Marson

Production Consultant
Wendi Weger

Marketing Consultants
Paula Silver
Krystal Thomas

Public Relations
Mickey Cottrell Film Publicity
Nancy Willen

Legal Services provided by:
Matthew Saver, Esq.
Patricia McVerrey, Esq.
Katz, Golden & Sullivan, LLP
Eleonore Dailly, Esq.

Production Accountants
Veronica Herrera
Janee Jones

United States
Berkeley, California

Director of Photography
Michael Anderson
Eli Adler

Saul Rouda

Boston, Massachusettes
Director of Photography Antonio Rossi

John O’Connor

Los Angeles, California
Director of Photography
Steve Elkins
Cris Blyth

Mark Adams

New York, New York
Director of Photography
Ben Bloodwell
Antonio Rossi
Jeff Weinstock

Claudio Musajo

Director of Photography
Tom Pakulski
Tom Eichler

Olympic Peninsula, Washington
Director of Photography
Steve Elkins
Mark Adams

Salina, Kansas
Director of Photography
Antonio Rossi
Chris Blunk

San Rafael, California
Director of Photography and Sound
Marisa Murgatroyd

Santa Clarita, California
Director of Photography
Alberto Engeli

Susumo Tokunow

Washington, District of Columbia
Director of Photography
Randy Feldman

Benjamin Finkel

Director of Photography
Cesar Boretti

Federico Soro

Director of Photography
Antonio Rossi

Claudio Musajo

Director of Photography
Walter Lorrusso

Olivier Calva

Director of Photography
Tom Pakulski

Tom Eichler

Stock Footage
Aujourd’hui la Vie: “La vie a vif: reportage of Burkina Fasso,” (Antenne 2, 1986)
“Les Jardins du Desert” (Iloz Productions, 2006) provided by Institut National de l’Audiovisuel
“When the Mountains Tremble” (1983)
“My Father’s Garden” (1995) provided by Miranda Productions, Inc.
“The Plow That Broke the Plains” (1936) provided by the National Archives
Getty Images
BBC Worldwide Americas
Thought Equity Motion, Inc.
Carson Entertainment Group, The Tonight Show
WSR Creative
AP Archive

Post Production Services

Andrew Drapkin

Re-Recording Sound
Roundabout Entertainment

Additional Mixer
Craig Schafer

Special Thanks
Dr. D.S. Arora
Stephen Ashton
Aqua Dulce Vineyards
Kenny Ausubel
Carrolle Banfield
Jim Barrow
Zarina Bath
Donald Bell
Amanda Benenson
Suzanne Biegel
Gay Browne
Maggie Burr
Rachel Chadderdon
The Santuario de Chimayo
City of New York, Department of Corrections
Elliot Coleman
Ellie and Edgar Cullman, Jr.
Laurie David
Diane Dober
Allison Eakle
The Edible Schoolyard
Agnes Florence
Jane Gottlieb
Kathy Haag
Harvard University
Charis Horton
Gail Jacobsen
Sean Jones
Lynne Kelly
Nadine Kreisberger
David Landry
Movimiento Sin Terra
Navdanya Institute
Maxine and Lars Nelson
Sara Nichols
David Obst
Dr. Manoj Pabrai
Carlos Quintano
John and Nancy Romano
Natasha Rosow
Zumi Rosow
Virginie Sanchez
Greg Sandor
Joanne Dupont Sandoval
Wieland Schulz-Keil
Governor Brian Schweitzer
Nina Simons
Adam Smith
Joan Solomon
Garry and Ramyne Spire
Dusty Stamets
Terre et Humanisme Foundation
Woody Tasch
Krystal Thomas
Richard Thompson
Francis Torres
Garn Wallace
Jaroslaw Zysk

Dedicated to Dorothy Cullman

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