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The Film

The filmmakers' site includes downloadable educational materials, screening information and events, and an ongoing blog about the film and current news about dirt. DVDs and Dirt! merchandise are also available through the site.

The Visionaries

Learn more about the work and vision of Wangari Maathai, the Nobel Prize-winning activist featured in DIRT! The Movie.

Instituto Terra
Featured in the film, this Brazilian nonprofit organization, founded by Lélia Deluiz Wanick Salgado and Sebastião Salgado, has planted one million trees since 1999.

Fungi Perfecti
Founded by DIRT! interviewee and mycologist Paul Stamets, Fungi Perfect is part of a “new wave of technologies harnessing the inherent power of mushrooms and fungal mycelium worldwide.”

Agroecology in Action
What is agroecology? Read an interview with project leader Miguel Altieri, profiled in DIRT! and get related links on the subject.

The Land Institute
The Land Institute aims to develop an agricultural system with the ecological stability of the prairie and a grain yield comparable to that from annual crops. Land Institute president Wes Jackson is seen in DIRT! The Movie.

Founded by renowned environmental activist Vandana Shiva, Navdanya is a network of seed keepers and organic producers spread across 16 states in India. Read its blog and learn more about its community seed banks, learning center, and work against climate change.

TED.com: Majora Carter
http://www.ted.com/talks/majora_carter_s_tale_of_urban_renewal.html Read about the work of Sustainable South Bronx founder Majora Carter — featured in the film — and watch and listen to her tale of urban renewal.

CBS Morning News: The Greenhouse Project
Get a profile of the project, featured in DIRT!, and read an interview with program director James Jiler. (Read an excerpt from his book, Doing Time in the Garden: Life Lessons Through Prison Horticulture.

Wine Library TV
Watch videos of Gary Vaynerchuck’s daily wine blog, as featured in DIRT! The Movie.

The Biomimicry Institute
Find out more about biomimicry, the “science and art of emulating nature's best biological ideas to solve human problems.”

The Edible Schoolyard
Founded by Alice Waters, the Edible Schoolyard is a one-acre organic garden and kitchen classroom for urban public school students at Martin Luther King, Jr. Middle School in Berkeley, California.

Soil and Sustainability

Tree People
Find out more about this environmental organization that is growing a sustainable future for the city of Los Angeles by establishing community forests in each neighborhood.

The Center for Food Safety
The Center for Food Safety works to curb the proliferation of harmful food production technologies and to promote organic farming and other forms of sustainable agriculture. Read the blog and take action.

National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition
The Coalition’s vision of agriculture is one where a safe and affordable food supply is produced by family farmers making a decent living pursuing their trade, while protecting and improving the environment.

Organic Consumers Association
Read news about agricultural subsidies, corporate agribusiness, climate justice, and more.

National Resources Conservation Service: Apple Lesson
This quick lesson demonstrates the finite soil resources of the Earth and the dangers of soil erosion.


Find a Composter
Find a compost site or organization near you in this searchable database.

US EPA: Wastes – Resource Conservation – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Composting
Get the basics on composting, read a FAQ, peruse related links, and look over detailed info on the environmental benefits of composting and the science behind the process.

University of Missouri Extension: How to Build a Compost Bin
Step-by-step directions for building your own outdoor or indoor compost bin.

Work Composting Guide
This introduction to vermicomposting includes handy tips and links, plus a journal.


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