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“A national treasure—America’s greatest living paranoid…”  —Timothy Leary

Filmmaker Immy Humes presents a portrait of her father, the legendary forgotten novelist and counterculture icon Harold Louis "Doc" Humes. Doc’s friends and family—including Norman Mailer, George Plimpton, Timothy Leary, William Stryon, Peter Matthiessen, Paul Auster, and Jonas Mekas—weaving together a story of politics, literature, protest and mental illness, shedding light on an original mind as well as the cultural history of postwar America.
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Norman Mailer smiling for the camera

The Making Of:

"Most of the people who gave interviews were happy to talk about Doc. Some people needed convincing, but essentially I wore them down; Norman Mailer was the best example of that."   More >>

The Filmmaker:

"I was so sad to be losing him and so glad to have some time with him in the hospice—and I was suddenly struck that someone should make a film about him. And then I realized that I was the only person in a position to do it!"   More >>
Immy Humes smiling for the camera

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