Deep Down

Deep Down

About the Film

Beverly May and Terry Ratliff grew up like kin on opposite sides of a mountain ridge in eastern Kentucky. Now in their 50s, the two find themselves in the midst of a debate dividing their community and the world: who controls, consumes, and benefits from our planet’s shrinking supply of natural resources? MORE

While Beverly organizes her neighbors to stop a coal mining company from advancing into her hollow, Terry considers signing away the mining rights to his backyard — a decision that could destroy both of their homes. Their once-peaceful mountain community of Maytown finds itself in the center of a contentious battle over energy and the wealth and environmental destruction it represents.

As the world’s population soars, humankind must keep digging deeper and deeper down for the earth’s natural resources to feed our voracious appetite for energy — fighting wars over diminishing supplies of water, oil, and coal. But it is not only the earth itself that is rapidly changing and disappearing: as we excavate resources in ever-expanding areas, small communities are being flattened, taking with them our world’s diverse cultures, traditions, and lives.

Through a complex human story that cuts across environment, economics, public policy, and culture, the story of Beverly May and Terry Ratliff reveals the devastating impact of our energy consumption against an explosive backdrop: Appalachia’s centuries-old struggle over the black rock that fuels our planet.

The Filmmaker

Sally Rubin and Jen Gilomen

Sally Rubin is a Los Angeles-based documentary filmmaker and editor, as well as a full-time film professor at Chapman University. Her credits include The Last Mountain (regional PBS broadcast), Robert Greenwald's Freedom Files, Iraq for Sale (editor), and David Sutherland's six-hour Frontline series Country Boys (associate producer).

Jen Gilomen is a documentary filmmaker and cinematographer as well as Director of Public Media Strategies at the Bay Area Video Coalition, where she directs the public access television station and works in collaboration with public media entities, community organizations, and producers to develop innovative social media programs and initiatives. LESS

Film Credits

Directed by
Jen Gilomen and Sally Rubin

Cinematography and Co-Produced by
Jen Gilomen

Edited and Produced by
Sally Rubin

Executive Producer
David Sutherland

Co-Executive Producer
Nancy Golden

Joshua Penman

Sound Recording
Jen Gilomen and Sally Rubin

Post Production Audio
Berkeley Sound Artists

Color Correction
Christoph Baaden
Jen Gilomen

Editorial Consultant
Kate Amend, A.C.E.

Assistant Editors
Frank Lucatuorto
Lisa Ratner
Anthony Hays

Production Assistants
Monica Petroczy
Beth Gilomen
Mina Son
Natalie Ruiz
Ruthie Rubietta

Additional Camera
Sean Anderson

Production Manager for ITVS
Robby Fahey

KET Station Partner
Craig Cornwell

Krisana Hodges

Flights provided by

Aerial photography made possible by
Appalachian Voices and Wallace Global Fund

Aerial Director
Adolfo Doring

Aerial Cinematographer
Michael Kelem

Aerial Producer
Amanda Zackem

Additional footage provided by
Appalachian Voices
Chad Stevens

"Hearne's Oak"
Written and Performed by Kenny Klein
© 2007 Kenny Klein Music

Thank You
Citizens and Communities of Eastern Kentucky
John Adams
Judy Holme Agnew
Robert Bahar
Barbara and Todd Bailey
Julie Parker Benello
Rachel Benson
Dr. Chad Berry
Teri Blanton
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Marie Cerillo
Karen Cochran
Janet Cole
Caiti Crum
Yolanda Cruz
Natalie Difford
Wendy Ettinger
The Fenton Family
The Gilomen Family
Jeff Granbery
Nathan Hall
Rick Handshoe
Tom Hansell
Judith Helfand
Greg Howard, Esq.
Kathy Huang
Connie Hwong
Ken Ikeda
Chris Irwin
Marcia Jarmel
Amy Joyner
Carol Judy
Lauren Kitz
The Kron Family
Susan Lapis
Burt Lauderdale
Sheila Leddy
Anna Lee
Builder Levy
Wendy Levy
Lisa and Kevin Luoma
Bill Macomber
The May Family
Andrea Meller
Bobby Moser
Molly Murphy
Dr. Richard Olson
Gary Ousley
Sarah Pennington
Rob Perks
Dolvin and Charlene Ratliff
The Ratliff Family
The Ratner Family
Theresa Riley
The Rubin Family
Richard Saiz
Alicia Schmidt
Ken Schneider
Vonda Shepard
Lowell Shepherd
Dr. Roy Silver
Dara Sklar
Lora Smith
Elissa Spelman
Vickie and Donny Terry
Carol Varney
Sasha Waters
Jack Willis
Elisa Young

Fiscal Sponsor
Bay Area Video Coalition

Executive Producer for ITVS
Sally Jo Fifer

Funding Provided by
Chicken & Egg Pictures
Eliza Brown and Hal Candee
Pacific Pioneer Fund
Atticus Trust
Banff Mountain Culture Award
M&M Foundation
Martin Ratner
Carol Tolan
W.L. Lyons Brown Foundation
Film Arts Foundation
Joey Hirao
Carol Rubin
Sally Cole
Alison Elliot
Schwab Charitable Gift Fund

And others. A complete list is available from PBS.

Deep Down is a co-production of Sally Rubin, Jen Gilomen, and the Independent Television Service (ITVS) in association with Kentucky Educational Television, with funding provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB).

This program was produced by Sally Rubin and Jen Gilomen, who are solely responsible for its content.

© 2010 Sally Rubin and Jen Gilomen. All rights reserved.

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