Driver Radio: Jamaica
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Driver Radio: Jamaica

  • BY Don and Ron Brodie | IN Identity
    Premiered September 21, 2020

About the Film

Ron and Don Brodie, twin brothers and first-generation Jamericans raised in Washington, D.C., grew up making family visits to Jamaica. Driver Radio: Jamaica is inspired by the road trips they used to take there as children and captures the Brodies returning to the island where they find a rapidly changing way of life. In this four-episode series, Ron and Don join both old school and new school taxi drivers to retrace favorite family routes while sharing off-the-beaten-path stories through the lens of the country’s vibrant taxi culture. Along the way, the brothers reconnect with their roots and explore what it means to straddle two identities. MORE

The Filmmakers

 Ron Brodie is a Jamaican-raised culture junkie hailing from the Nation’s Capital, Washington DC. Having obtained his BA in Film and Television from Howard University, Ron currently resides and works in New York City. Ron says, "telling the stories that mainstream media ignores is my moral obligation." Over the years Ron has had the pleasure of serving as a narrative artist and director in New York’s creative advertising industry. Ron's portfolio is made up of a diverse line of commercials, music videos, and branded content. In addition to commercials, Ron’s also directed a full-length skate film called We Out Here as an homage to New York’s black skate community. As a filmmaker, Ron strives to share untold and underrepresented stories.

Don Brodie was born and raised in Washington, D.C. He resides in New York City as a photographer and filmmaker. He imagines his editorial work as a means of recording time, creating narratives, and evoking thought. Not limited to reality, this work deals in concepts that are often evolving into bigger pictures and continuously striving to do so with an in-depth and thought-provoking perspective. LESS

Film Credits

Created & Directed By
Ron & Don Brodie

Executive Producers
Sally Jo Fifer
Lois Vossen
Ron Brodie
Don Brodie
Jason Hightower

Cast Credits
Driver Deh Ah Town - Casweyne “Casper” Palmer
The Dancehall Professor - Orville “Xpressionz” Hall
Dancer - Danielle Allen
Dancer - Shanice Welsh
Dancer - Stacey Ann Lacey
Dancer - Shamoie Jones
Dancer - Kavaughn Scott
Party Specialist - Marcus “Birdimus” Bird
The Mayor of Gut River - Wilbert Allen
Driver Deh Ah Country - Padre Senior
Driver Deh Ah Country - TamesHack "Tommy" Senior
Driver Deh Ah Country - Chadwick Senior
Electronic Tech aka The “Driver” - Orville “Villa” Leopold Grant
Friend & Business Owner - Marlese Anderson
Fisherman - Jason HoggArtiste - Tanice Morrison
Driver Deh Ah Town - Dean Martin
Driver Deh Ah Town - Stacy Ann Latty
Driver Deh Ah Town - Clayton Henderson
Car Wash Specialist - Wilfred Nelson
Car Salesperson - Monique Dyer Cole
Lot Attendant - Norman Holding
Father “Pop’s” - Donald Brodie Sr.
Mother “Muma” - Lorna Brodie
Driver #1 - Rohan “Junior Bigz” Matthews
Bus Conductor Deh Ah Town - Bubba
Rural Bus Driver - Richard “Richie Ranks” Angel
1st Cousin - David Cooke
1st Cousin - Leanne Cooke-Popkin

VP of Production
Royd Chung

Sarah Manley
Arizona Newsum

Supervising Producer
Pamela Torno

Director of Photography
Carlos Medina
Michael Cooke

Production Coordinators
Tsehai Scott
Pierre Coleman

Associate Producer
Susan Cohen

Camera Operator
Asha McHail

Grip & AC
Michael “Tingle” Tingling

Production Sound Mixer
Delroy Johnson

Production Assistant
Noah Levy

BTS Photographer
Marcus Bird

Donald Robinson
Glendon Newell
Marlon McIntyre

Post Production Producer
Sohee Sohn

Jason Tongen
Ron Brodie

Graphics Designers
Julie Koong
Don Brodie

Music Supervision & Sound Mix
Willard Hill

Pierre “Dutty” Vannier

Bobbi Jeanne Misick

“Bad Minded People” by Dubby Brodie & The Reggae Rocks
“Downtown” by Willard Hill
“Dragon” by Russell Carter II
“Cutlass” by Randy Smith
“Life Is So Hard” by Empress
“Top Top” by Abie One
“Aliko” by Abie One
“Long Hair Frere” by Willard Hill
“Russian Summer” by Bless The Mad
Villa Riddim” by Willard Hill
“17-Skelter” by Randy Smith
“Ra’s Lament” by Bless The Mad
“Tasty Dreams” by Dale E. James
“Love Me” by Bless The Mad
"Caribbean Boy” (Acapella) by Tanice Soul Child Morrison
Mama’s Land” by Bless The Mad
Love Is Love” by Colby Cecca
Willard's Song” by Willard Hill
Grimy Strings” by Michael Scott
Choose to be Happy” by Abie One
“When Angels Come” by Willard Hill
I Pledge My Heart”, The Jamaica National School Song (Acapella) by Michael “Tingle” Tingling
“Linvals Dub” by Randy Smith
“Journey” (Acapella) by Richie Ranks
“Golden Child” by Abie One
“Westenera” by Dale E. James
“Eros Falling” Dale E. James
“Let You Love Me” by Willard Hill

Production Counsel
Hoskins Dieuvil PC


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