Feels Good Man

Feels Good Man

  • BY Arthur Jones and Giorgio Angelini | IN Visual Arts
    Premiered October 19, 2020

About the Film

Feels Good Man is the story of how artist Matt Furie, creator of a trippy, once-benign comic character named Pepe the Frog, fought an uphill battle to reclaim his iconic creation from those who turned it into a symbol of hate. An exploration of the power of online imagery and the fascinating spin cycle of memes in a culture where ownership and meaning can be wrested away from creators, Feels Good Man is a thought-provoking, wild ride through an Internet that transformed an unlucky cartoon frog, and then the rest of the world.  MORE

Created by Furie as a character in his comic Boy’s Club, Pepe was originally an embodiment of the laid-back lifestyles of young male college graduates finding their footing in the real world. After popping up in meme form on various fitness blogs, Pepe eventually started appearing on the anonymous online message board 4chan, where his image was quickly replicated  and adopted as a symbol of misfits everywhere. 

Feels Good Man follows Pepe’s surreal journey of being co-opted and twisted into an image of hate by extreme online communities through the eyes of his horrified creator, who finds himself increasingly powerless to stop this co-optation as it spirals out of his control. The film asks the questions: Does anyone truly own anything on the internet? Can an image that has been transformed into one of hate be transformed once again into one of hope?

The Filmmakers

Feels Good Man is Arthur Jones’s directorial debut, but he’s uniquely suited to tell the story. He’s a cartoonist who came up in the same indie comics scene as the film’s subject, Matt Furie. Jones published a book of his illustrations in 2011: Post-it Note Diaries (Penguin/Plume Paperbacks). Over his career, his art directed animation and motion graphics for journalists and documentary filmmakers, working with companies including The New York Times, VICE, The Center for Investigative Reporting and The International Consortium of Journalists. He’s been a part of several documentary features: Seed Money: The Chuck Holmes Story (2015), BUNKER 77 (Amazon Studios, 2017), Owned, A Tale of Two Americas (2018) and Hal (Oscilloscope Films, 2018). Jones is a graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design. 

Giorgio Angelini came into film from a longer, multi-faceted career in the creative arts. After touring in bands like The Rosebuds and Bishop Allen for much of his 20s, Giorgio enrolled in the Masters of Architecture program at Rice University during the depths of the 2008 real estate collapse. It was during this tumultuous time that the seeds for Giorgio’s directorial debut, OWNED: A Tale of Two Americas began to take shape. Following graduate school, Angelini began working with the boutique architecture firm, Schaum Shieh Architects, where he designed the White Oak Music Hall in Houston, Texas, as well as the headquarters for The Transart Foundation for Art and Anthropology, which won the Architect’s Newspaper’s “Design of the Year” award in 2018. With a focus on film, Giorgio launched a production company, Ready Fictions, in 2019 with producing partner Arthur Jones. LESS

Film Credits

Directed by
Arthur Jones

Edited by
Aaron Wickenden, ACE
Drew Blatman
Katrina Taylor

Based on Original Artwork by
Matt Furie

Executive Producers
Jenifer Westphal
Joe Plummer
Julie Parker Benello
Bryn Mooser

Giorgio Angelini p.g.a.
Caryn Capotosto p.g.a.
Arthur Jones p.g.a.
Aaron Wickenden

Animated by
Jenna Caravello
Arthur Jones
Nicole Stafford
Khylin Woodrow

Giorgio Angelini
Christian Bruno
Ben Cox
Kurt Keppeler
Guy Mossman
David Usui

Written by
Giorgio Angelini
Arthur Jones
Aaron Wickenden

Original Music by
Ari Balouzian
Ryan Hope

Sound Designer
Lawrence Everson

Motion Graphics & Design
Arthur Jones

Music Supervisor
Chris Swanson

Maggie Angelini
Kurt Keppeler
Kerry McLaughlin
Caitlin Ward

Co-Executive Producers
Kathryn Everett
Justin Lacob

Featuring (In Order Of Appearance)
Matt Furie
Aiyana Udesen
Chris Sullivan
Johnny Ryan
Lisa Hanawalt
Emily Heller
Dr. Susan Blackmore
Dale Beran
Peder Riis
Dr. Aleks Krotoski
Brian McMullen
Joel Finkelstein
Aaron Sankin
Matt Braynard
John Michael Greer
Adam Serwer
Rachael Finley
Hampton Boyer
Kevin Sukho Lee
Clint Smith
Peter Kell
Pepe Ca$h Millionaire
Jeremy Blackburn
Louis Tompros
Stephanie Lin
Oren Segal

Post Production Supervisor and Lead Assistant Editor
Caitlin Ward

Additional Animation by
Drew Blatman
Angelo Hatgistavrou

Assistant Editors
Joshua Bashknight
Kurt Keppeler

Additional Photography by
Tijana Petrović
Matthew Sidel
Ben Wu

Additional Editing by
Arthur Jones

Assistant Camera
Jose Element

Dale Beran

Additional Music by
Giorgio Angelini
Mike Semple

Hong Kong Crew
Diana Chan
Aaron Sankin

Original Score Musicians
Trevor Estes
Alex Izenberg
Eli Pearl

Special Reporting
Matthew Gault
Aaron Sankin
Dale Beran

Sound Recordists
Anton Herbert
Ryan McGuigan
Kerry McLaughlin

Music Supervisory Services by
Secretly Canadian

Digital Intermediate Producers
Matt Radecki
Greg Lanesey

Music Coordinator
Jessica Berndt

Music Consultant
Tyler Smith

Online Editors
Harry Locke IV
Tony Quijano

Digital Intermediate Colorist
Brian Hutchings

Dub Stage Provided by
Smart Post Sound

Sound Design & Re-Recording Mixer
Lawrence Everson

Ben Broer

Sound Editor
Cindy Takehara Ferroccio

Graphics Consultant
Russell Quinn

Dialogue Editor
Justin Walker

Sales Representation provided by
Submarine Entertainment

Publicity Services Provided by
Cinetic Media

Legal Services Provided By
Elliot Gipson
Brenda J. Robinson
Donaldson + Callif

Copyright and Title Services Provided by
Clearance Unlimited

Archival Materials       
“The Night Riders”, McSweeney's 2012
“Boy's Club”, Fantagraphics 2016
“Mindviscosity”, Fantagraphics 2020

"Living In Hell"
Written & Performed by Cobra Man
Courtesy of Gone Records
By Arrangement with Mixtape Music

"Ganji Yomes Leaving Home"
Written by Dang Wayne Olsen
Performed by Dang Olsen Dream Tape
Courtesy of Dang Olsen

"Some Things Last A Long Time"
Written by Jad Fair, Daniel Johnston
Performed by Daniel Johnston
Courtesy of Eternal Yip Eye Music

"Let Go"
Words and Melody by Sharon Van Etten
Music & Production by Giorgio Angelini and Mike Semple
Mixed by Daniel Long

Dedicated to
Heather Heyer

Special Thanks
Jennifer Brandel
Molly Burke
Don Caldwell
Steven Heller
Brad Kim
Miles Klee
Zarin Kresge
Lil Internet
Jeff Malmberg & Chris Shellen
Benjamin Marra
Clint Smith

Funding Provided by
Nancy Stephens and Rick Rosenthal
Nion McEvoy and Leslie Berriman
Regina K. Scully
Nancy Blachman
Dyan Triffo
Jenny Lee

Original Series Funding Provided by     
The Corporation for Public Broadcasting
John D. and Catherine D. MacArthur Foundation
Wyncote Foundation
The National Endowment for the Arts

FEELS GOOD MAN is a production of Ready Fictions in association with XTR, Secret Sauce Media, and Museum & Crane.

This program is a production of Feels Good Man Film, LLC which is solely responsible for its content.

© 2020 Feels Good Man Film, LLC. All rights reserved.   

Were you familiar with the Pepe the Frog character or image before watching this documentary? Do you have any other favorite art or characters who were misappropriated by others from its original meaning? Do you believe our culture is driven by memes?


  • Sundance Film Festival
    Special Jury Award for Emerging Filmmaker
  • Sundance Film Festival
    Grand Jury Prize Documentary (Nominee)
  • Big Sky Documentary Film Festival
    Best Documentary Feature Special Mention
  • Lighthouse International Film Festival
    Best Documentary
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Were you familiar with the Pepe the Frog character or image before watching this documentary? Do you have any other favorite art or characters who were misappropriated by others from its original meaning? Do you believe our culture is driven by memes?