Jewel’s Hunt
Short Film

Jewel’s Hunt

  • BY Alexandra Stergiou | IN Identity
    Premiered November 18, 2019

About the Film

Sixteen-year-old Jewel Wilson is the next generation in a long line of prolific Inupiat subsistence hunters in Unalakleet, Alaska. Her ability to hunt moose is hindered by two pressing issues – scarce wildlife and the pressures of high school life. Finding sufficient food competes with track practice and homework in Jewel’s multilayered world. Along with her father, Jewel turns to the land to feed their family and finds that their village’s way of life is endangered by the same environmental shifts that could affect us all. In hunting moose, we see that Jewel is also hunting for answers. How will her village survive if subsistence hunting is threatened? Can she honor the traditions of her Elders while navigating the pressures and anxieties of a modern, connected teenager? Jewel’s Hunt proves to be both physical and philosophical in this insightful exploration of what it means to come of age in complicated times in Unalakleet, Alaska.

Film Credits

Directed by
Alexandra Stergiou

Produced by
Cass Gardiner and Gina Pollack

Executive Producers
Sally Jo Fifer
Lois Vossen

Series Producer, ITVS Digital Initiatives
Pamela Torno

Supervising Producer
Clare Chambers

Consulting Producer
David Casey

Director of Photography
Alexandra Stergiou

Alexandra Stergiou

Additional Camera and Sound
Cass Gardiner and Gina Pollack

Aerial Photography
Chase Ervin

Additional Editing Support
Nina Sacharow
Aron Koszeg

Featuring (in order of appearance)
Jewel Wilson
John Wilson
Judy Wilson
Tia Wilson
Joe Katchatag

Billy Luther

Post-Production Facility
World of Wonder

Andy Bell

Original Music by
William Ryan Fritch

Post Sound Mixer
Arjun G. Sheth

Heather Jones

Legal Services
Justine Jacobs
Alexander Rinaldi

Archival Material Provided by PRI's The World “Subsistence hunters adapt to a warming Alaska with new tools." by Zachariah Hughes

Special Thanks
Bering Straits Native Corporation
Big Sky Documentary Film Festival
Mark Novosad
Elizabeth Stergiou
Sam Towarak
Tribeca Film Institute If/Then Short Documentary Program
Jonisha Wilson
Larry Wilson

Original Series Funding Provided by
The Corporation for Public Broadcasting
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
Wyncote Foundation
The National Endowment for the Arts

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