The Last Laugh

The Last Laugh

  • BY Ferne Pearlstein | IN Arts & Culture
    Premiered April 24, 2017

About the Film

The Holocaust would seem to be an absolutely off-limits topic for comedy. But is it? History shows that even victims of Nazi concentration camps used humor as a means of survival and resistance. Still, any use of comedy in connection with this horror risks diminishing the suffering of millions. So where is the line? If the Holocaust is taboo, what are the implications for other controversial subjects — 9/11, AIDS, racism — in a society that prizes freedom of speech?

The Last Laugh offers fresh insights into these questions, with an intimate portrayal of Auschwitz survivor Renee Firestone alongside interviews with influential comedians and thinkers ranging from Mel Brooks, Sarah Silverman, Jeff Ross (Comedy Central Roast Battle), Larry Charles (director of Curb Your Enthusiasm and Borat), and Gilbert Gottfried, to authors Etgar Keret and Shalom Auslander, plus Abraham Foxman of the Anti-Defamation League. The film also includes rare archival footage of cabarets inside the concentration camps themselves, as well as clips ranging from The Producers to Curb Your Enthusiasm, video of performances from comics Louis CK, George Carlin, and Chris Rock, and newly discovered footage of Jerry Lewis’s never-released Holocaust comedy The Day the Clown Cried. MORE

Mel Brooks has made a career out of making fun of Nazis, calling it "revenge through ridicule." Yet the Holocaust itself is a subject he won’t touch. Not so for Sarah Silverman or Judy Gold or the late Joan Rivers. From Hogan’s Heroes, to Seinfeld’s "Soup Nazi," mainstream pop culture has pushed the envelope of what is considered acceptable. As Rob Reiner notes in the film: "The Holocaust itself is not funny. There's nothing funny about it. But survival, and what it takes to survive, there can be humor in that."

The Filmmaker

Ferne Pearlstein, an American filmmaker based in New York City, holds post-graduate degrees in documentary film and photography from Stanford University and the International Center of Photography. In 2003, Pearlstein‘s documentary Sumo East and West premiered at the Tribeca, Los Angeles, and Melbourne International Film Festivals, and was shown nationwide on Independent Lens. Other credits as director include Dita and the Family Business (PBS) with Josh Taylor, and three short films, including her debut Raising Nicholas, which premiered at the Sundance and San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Film Festivals. As a director of photography with dozens of films to her credit, Pearlstein is one of only a handful of female cinematographers featured in Kodak's long-running “On Film” ad campaign in American Cinematographer magazine. In 2004 she won the Excellence in Cinematography Prize at Sundance for her work on Imelda, which followed former First Lady of the Philippines Imelda Marcos during her campaign for the presidency. Among her other credits as cinematographer are: Academy Award®-winner Alex Gibney’s segment of Freakonomics; Ruthie and Connie (HBO); and The Voice of the Prophet where she met her longtime collaborator and husband Robert Edwards. LESS

Film Credits

Ferne Pearlstein

Ferne Pearlstein
Robert Edwards
Amy Hobby
Anne Hubbell
Jan Warner

Robert Edwards
Ferne Pearlstein

Anne Etheridge

Karen Sim
Mark Becker

"The Last Laugh" by Kent Kirshenbaum

FEATURING (in order of appearance)
Renee Firestone
Klara Firestone
Gilbert Gottfried
Rob Reiner
Mel Brooks
Judy Gold
Sarah Silverman
Carl Reiner
Robert Clary
Etgar Keret
Aaron Breitbart
Jake Ehrenreich
Alan Zweibel
Susie Essman
Larry Charles
Eugene Lebovitz
Deb Filler
Gerhard Maschkowski
Elly Gross
Dave Lux
Jeffrey Ross
Harry Shearer
David Steinberg
Lisa Lampanelli
Roz Weinman
Abraham Foxman
David Cross
Shalom Auslander
Hanala Sagal
Herman Feuerstein

Steven Bennett

Anne Etheridge
Dori Stegman

Adrienne Collatos
Yelena Rachitsky
Jamie Lauren Davis
Jane Brendlinger
Catherine DeCioccio

Nikki Robbins
Ryan Bronz
Jean Elizabeth Lee
Juan Mateo Menendez

Richard Fleming
Nico Ruderman
Hilary Stewart
John Slocum
Taj Musco

John Roney
Mike Farino

Sam Friedman
Adam Gonzalez

Melanie Levy
Matthew Levy

Final Frame

Steve "Major" Giammaria

Chris Perez, Esq

Howard Paar

Michael Berenbaum
Hasia Diner
Lawrence Epstein
Mary Gluck
Steve Lipman
Chaya Ostrower
Richard Trank
Joy Turek
Rabbi Moshe Waldoks
Robert Hawk
Bruni Burres

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Can humor be used as a weapon? Have you used humor in your own life to work through painful topics? Is there anything you consider taboo to joke about? Do you have favorite comedians who some would consider controversial?
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Can humor be used as a weapon? Have you used humor in your own life to work through painful topics? Is there anything you consider taboo to joke about? Do you have favorite comedians who some would consider controversial?