‘Til Kingdom Come

‘Til Kingdom Come

April 19, 2021

Directed by

Maya Zinshtein

'Til Kingdom Come traces the controversial bond between American Evangelicals and the state of Israel.


About the Documentary

A rare look at the unlikely alliance between America’s Evangelical Christians and the State of Israel, ‘Til Kingdom Come by filmmaker Maya Zinshtein (Forever Pure) exposes the controversial bond between Evangelicals and Jews in a story of faith, power, and money. The unflinching documentary reveals the power and peril of wielding prophecy as a political tool.

Prominent among the millions of American Evangelicals praying for Israel is Pastor Boyd Bingham IV, one in a line of a dynasty of Kentucky pastors, and the congregants he leads in a small coal-mining town. Firm in his conviction that his calling in life is to raise money for Israel and his congregants’ donations are fueled by the belief that Jews are crucial to Jesus’s return. 

With unparalleled access, ‘Til Kingdom Come unravels the global significance of American Christians’ dogma concerning Israel’s role in the Second Coming, traveling from rural Kentucky to the halls of government in Washington, through the controversial moving of the American Embassy to Jerusalem under the Trump administration and the annexation plan of the West Bank. The film exposes the financial, political, and messianic motivations intersecting with an apocalyptic worldview fundamentally reshaping American foreign policy toward Israel and the Middle East.

The broadcast premiere of ‘Til Kingdom Come has been postponed pending an independent editorial review.

The Filmmaker

Maya Zinshtein is an Emmy award-winning Israeli documentary filmmaker and journalist with a BA in Cinema and French studies and an MA in Security and Diplomacy from Tel Aviv University. Her documentary Forever Pure, which aired on Independent Lens, won an Emmy award for Outstanding Politics and Government documentary in 2018. An alumna of Sundance Institute, for the last ten years she has directed and produced documentaries broadcast on Israeli TV and abroad including by Netflix, BBC, ARTE/ZDF, and PBS, and screened at over 100 festivals around the world. 

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Can prophecy be wielded as a political tool? How did you feel about the depiction of church leaders in this film and their relationship to both their parishioners and the state of Israel? Do you think there's a danger in mingling politics and faith?