Tre Maison Dasan

Tre Maison Dasan

  • BY Denali Tiller | IN Youth & Family
    Premiered April 1, 2019

About the Film

Told directly through the eyes of the children themselves, Tre Maison Dasan is a moving portrait of three unforgettable young boys struggling to grow up with a parent in prison. They face the pressure of growing up in a society that often demonizes their parents, provides little support for their families, and assumes “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Society writes them off as criminals, but in their hearts their children still see them as mom and dad. MORE

Tre is a charismatic but troubled 13-year-old who hides his emotions behind a mask of tough talk and hard edges. Maison is a funny, charming, hyper-articulate 11-year-old whose Autism Spectrum Disorder presents itself through his ever-active mind and deep love for those around him. Dasan, the youngest of the boys, is a shy and sensitive six-year-old full of curiosity and empathy. Although their parents are incarcerated for serious crimes, the strong and caring relationships they maintain with their kids shatter stereotypes about those behind bars and remind us of the plight of the over 1.7 million American children growing up with an incarcerated parent.

The Filmmaker

Denali Tiller is an artist and filmmaker. Following her work directing and producing Tre Maison Dasan, Denali is working on a large-scale, multi-sectoral impact campaign for the film, engaging communities affected by incarceration across the US and in Europe. In 2015, Denali was named one of 110 “Filmmakers to Watch” by Variety. She has associate-produced short content in Uganda, Ghana, and Tanzania with the US Agency for International Development, and has taught at Alvarez High School and the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence. As a director, Denali is passionate about exploring new perspectives on systemic issues, empowering youth and women, and how we raise boys in America. LESS

Film Credits

A Film by
Tre Janson
Maison Teixeira
Dasan Lopes

Directed and Produced by
Denali Tiller

Executive Produced by
Andrew Freiband
Patty Quillin

Produced by
Rebecca Stern
Craig Piligian

Written by
Denali Tiller

Co-Executive Produced by
Andrea van Beuren

Produced by
Jon Gourlay

Edited by
Carlos Rojas Felice

Cinematography by
Jon Gourlay

Composed by
Gil Talmi

Inspired by
Joyce Dixson-Haskett

Starring (in order of appearance)
Tre Janson
Dasan Lopes
Maison Teixeira
Alivia Bastien
Manuel Teixeira
Stephanie Moniz
Tyree Freeman
TeLisa Richardson
Luis Lopes
Ines Moniz
Shirley Teixeira
Kerri Janson
Derrick Scurry
Suzanne Hermiz
Joyce Dixson-Haskett
Charles Rardin
Heidi Brown

Susan MacLaury
Albie Hecht
Sarba Das

Associate Producers
Sarah Richardson
Craig Richardson
Al Owens
Ted Owens

Consulting Producer
Ebony Underwood

Additional Cinematographers
Denali Tiller
Marcus Ricci
Maison Teixeira
Alivia Bastien
Henry Chaisson
Amanda Hannah-Mcleer
Victor Gan
Nelson Savaadra
Roland Robert Cowperthwaite

Sound Recordists
Denali Tiller
Alivia Bastien
Jon Gourlay
Marcus Ricci

Production Assistants
Katherine Boorstein
Gabriel Cohen
Matt Grycell
Aaron Whitman

Equipment Services
Carissa Abitabilo
Jessica Jennings

Finishing Services
Whirlwind Entertainment, LLC

Additional Editor
Denali Tiller

Assistant Editors
Hannah Choe
Stephanie Ching
Carolyn Colton

Transcription Services
Stephania Michals

Post Supervisor
Mitchell Kwak Johnson

Graphic Designers
Isometric Studio

Davinci Resolve Colorist
Miguel A. Camargo

Re-Recording Mixer
Marcus Pardo

Additional Music Composed by
Kevin J Simon

Additional Composers
Maison Teixeira
Dasan Lopes
Tre Janson
Alivia Bastien
Nassir Rodrigues ("Yung Nas")
Stephanie Moniz

"Shake 'em to the Left Shake 'em to the Right"
Written and Performed by TJ Janson
Produced by Denali Tiller and Gil Talmi

"West" and “Untitled”
Written and Performed by TJ Janson
Produced by Kevin J Simon

"Feeling Great Today"
Written and Performed by Dasan Lopes, Alivia Bastien "Queen Liv", Stephanie Moniz, Yung Nas
Produced by Kevin J Simon

"Full Picture"
Written and Performed by Maison Teixeira, Kevin J Simon, Headkrack
Produced by Kevin J Simon

Production Teaser Editing Consultant
Mark Becker

Production Teaser Edited by
Mike Peterson

Research Assistant
Maryam Ahmad

Legal Services
Blyth, Lee, Jacob
Feldman, Golinski, Reedy + Ben-Zvi PLLC, Ben Feldman, Esq.

Outreach Associate Producer
Kiana Jackson

Michelle Jacoby

Joyce Dixson-Haskett
Ken Findlay
Sarah Gromley
Allison Hollihan
Tanya Krupat
TeLisa Richardson
Derrick Scurry
Jordan Seaberry
Johnny Skye

Chief Content Officer
Nicholas Caprio
Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel
Gretchen Stockdale
Vice President, Production
Jonah McMichael
Vice President, Post Production
Jennifer K. Auth
Director, Post Production
Online Services & Distribution
Elena C. Epps
Senior Vice President, Business & Legal Affairs David Harris

In Loving Memory of
Kerri Janson 1981-2016

Special Thanks
Marc Levin
Rhode Island Department of Corrections
The Bastein Family
The Brown Family
The Moniz/Lopes Family
The Teixeira Family
Giancarlo Baldino
John Baldwin
Carol Benovic-Bradley
Alexandra Blaney
Brad Brochman
Chemistry Chreative
Zalyndria Crosby
Elise Eberle
Nadya Encarnacion
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Ingrid Kraus
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Brian Lewis
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Rachael McMahon
Arthur "Buddy" Mickle
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Andrew Reuland
William Schmidt
Adam Tiller
Sandy Tiller

Fiscal Sponsors
Fractured Atlas

Funding Provided by
LEF Foundation
Lynda Weinman
Larry Allen
Brown University: Internship Grant
Haffenreffer Family Fund
Gurdon Wattles
Shaina Kraus
Gene Dahmen
Joan Sorensen
C-Line Films, LLC
John Jones
William Macarthur
University of Massachusetts Boston:
Film Series Work-In-Progress Prize
Phyllis and Samuel Vineyard
And others. A complete list available from PBS.

Production Support by
Jeffery Tiller
Carol and Yves Kraus

Original Series Funding Provided by
The Corporation for Public Broadcasting
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation
Wyncote Foundation
The National Endowment for the Arts

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What can we learn from the children of incarcerated people? Do you know anyone who has experienced similar to the families in this film?


  • Rhode Island International Film Festival
    Grand Prize
  • London Raindance Festival
    Best Documentary Feature
  • Olympia Intl Film Festival for Children and Young People
    Youth Jury Award for Best Film + Best Direction
  • Heartland International Film Festival
    Grand Prize (Nominee)
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What can we learn from the children of incarcerated people? Do you know anyone who has experienced similar to the families in this film?