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The Film

GARBAGE DREAMS: The Movie Website
Read the director's statement, view photos, and find out how to support the Zaballeen community. Learn more about the curriculum of the Recycling School and the Spirit of Youth Association, which runs it.

The Recycling School
Keep up with the latest news on the film and the Zaballeen community on this Facebook page.

Cylch (Wales Community Recycling Network)
Find out more about Cylch, the organization in Wales that sponsored the trip for the two students at The Recycling School boys. This is a network of recycling organizations that provides support to community recyclers across Wales.

Kids With Cameras: Cairo
Learn more about the Zaballeen and view photographs taken by community children.

Coptic Cairo
The term “Copt” refers to Egyptian Christians, who comprise the majority of the Zaballeen. Learn about Coptic culture, language, art, and traditions.

Recycling & the Environment

Earth 911
This online informational hub contains both national and local resources. Read “green guides,” feature articles and news on topics from BPA and glass recycling to organic food and furniture refurbishing, and learn the basics of recycling.

Slate: The Green Lantern: Recycling Brainteasers
Offering answers to recycling “stumpers,” this article focuses on some of the tough questions: what to do with staples, packing tape, pizza boxes, and books and links to an earlier article about plastics.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: Wastes
This site is packed with waste management resources. Find out what you can do to recycle waste at home and work, get links to local recycling programs for electronic products, and read guides to composting and reducing waste while shopping.

WEIGO: Informal Recycling Around the World: Waste Collectors
Learn more about waste collectors — individuals in developing countries who survive by salvaging materials for reuse, resale, and recycling — and the economic and environmental impacts of scavenging.

DigitalTips: Green
This guide to consumer electronics features tips on saving energy, buying green electronics, and donating or recycling used electronic materials.

TechSoup: Donate Hardware
Looking to donate used electronic materials or buy recycled electronics? Find a school-based or nonprofit recycler or an authorized refurbisher near you.

Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives
This worldwide alliance works for environmental justice, zero-waste solutions, and an “a just, toxic-free world” without incineration and other polluting waste technologies.

The RecycleBank
Join the RecycleBank and earn points for curbside recycling and recycling e-waste. Points can be used to shop at more than 1,500 national and local businesses.

The Climate Project
Get involved with Nobel Laureate and former Vice President Al Gore’s Climate Project, which supports thousands of volunteers worldwide to educate the public about climate change and work towards grassroots solutions to the problem.

Hip Hop Caucus: Green and Live
This national campaign raises awareness about the impacts of climate change on low-income communities of color.

Zero Waste

What is Zero Waste?
Learn about striving for zero waste, “the next logical step beyond short-term goals established for recycling.” Zero waste focuses more on renewable resources and less on building landfills and incinerators to handle un-recycled materials.

Zero Waste Alliance: The Case for Zero Waste
Zero waste “suggests that the entire concept of waste be eliminated.” This page details the case for zero waste through examples, diagrams, and even a virtual tour.


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