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The Grand Star | Los Angeles Chinatown

The Grand Star

Get the latest news on the Grand Star's Friday night dance party from the club's promoters: find out who's spinning next week, read reviews and see photos and flyers for events such the Hall of Flame.

Los Angeles Times: Chinatown’s Firecracker Poppin’
A 2001 article about the Grand Star’s Firecracker party, which talks about the musical “mix of the past and present” and mentions the DJs and jazz musicians seen in the film. “Firecracker”
This review of the Friday night dance party seen in ONE NIGHT AT THE GRAND STAR calls it “the closest thing in L.A. you'll get to a New York City street party.”

“Mama” Quon; Chinatown Restaurateur
Read the Los Angeles Times obituary of Yiu Hai Seto Quon, the legendary matriarch of the Grand Star who was affectionately known as “Mama” and passed away in 1999 at the age of 101. Learn more about the Quon family and the history of the Grand Star.

Chinese American Women in L.A.: Mama Quon
This photo of Mama Quon was part of artist and photographer Carol Nye’s 1994 mural series “Chinese American Women in Los Angeles.” Read more about the project.

Audrey Magazine: Natasha Uppal
Filmmaker Natasha Uppal talks about current and past projects, including ONE NIGHT AT THE GRAND STAR.

Los Angeles Chinatown

Los Angeles Magazine: “Make Room for Dada”
The Grand Star is one example of Chinatown’s halcyon days in this article about the history and evolution of Chung King Road in L.A.’s “old” Chinatown.

Chinatown L.A.
Get calendar listings and view a gallery of old photos and postcards.

Chinatown, Los Angeles
Learn more about the history of Los Angeles’ Chinatown, from the community’s origins in the late 1800s to its mid-19th-century relocation and current redevelopment efforts.


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