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The Film

The Scarlet Professor: Newton Arvin: A Literary Life Shattered By Scandal
by Barry Werth

(Doubleday, 2001)
An article based on The Scarlet Professor was the inspiration for THE GREAT PINK SCARE. This biography chronicles the life of Smith professor and literary critic Newton Arvin, beginning with his arrest for possession of pornography in 1960, exposing the dangers of a society where the possibility of a "private life" no longer exists.
Read an excerpt and view photos from the book >>

The New York Review of Books: The Sad Tale of Newton Arvin
Read a review and synopsis of author Barry Werth's The Scarlet Professor.

The Washington Post: Joel Dorius; Professor Ousted Over Gay Porn
Read Joel Dorius' obituary from The Washington Post. Dorius, one of the three arrested Smith professors, passed away on February 14, 2006.

Smith College News: Actions of the Smith College Board of Trustees Regarding Issues of Civil Liberties Past and Present
Find out about some of the positive actions Smith College has taken since the scandal occurred, including endowments, prizes and sponsorship of a national conference titled, "Homeland Insecurity: Civil Liberties, Repression and Citizenship in the 1950s."

Privacy Rights: Past

The CATO Institute: New Age Comstockery: Exon vs the Internet
Read this think tank policy analysis to discover how modern legislation surrounding obscenity and the Internet traces its roots back to the days of the Comstock Law.

Harvard College: The New McCarthyism: Repeating History in the War on Terrorism
Explore some of the connections between terrorist fears of the present and cold war fears of the past, in this article from Harvard’s Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review.

ACLU Pro/ Roth v. United States
Visit the site, a non-profit corporation “presenting controversial issues in a simple, nonpartisan pro-con format,” and discover how the landmark 1957 Roth v. United States case questioned the upholding of First Amendment rights when applied to definitions of obscenity.

Wikipedia: Joseph McCarthy
Learn about the life and politics of Senator Joseph McCarthy, whose Communist “witch-hunts” fueled persecution of homosexuals as well as Communists.

PBS: American Experience: The Pill: Anthony Comstock's "Chastity" Laws
Discover how the 1873 Comstock Law fit into a broader campaign that aimed to legislate and restrict contraception in the United States on this PBS companion Web site about the pill.


Privacy Rights: Present

PBS: Nightly Business Report: Privacy in the Internet Age
Read about U.S. government surveillance and the legislative fallout in this February 2006 commentary by Scott Gurvey.

BBC News: Google Talks Up Print and Privacy
Find out why Google’s search indexing, privacy and copyright policies are drawing questions about privacy in the digital age. Gmail and Privacy
Read Google's stance on the legal issues surrounding their webmail service Gmail and privacy, and explore some of the larger questions about electronic mail and surveillance.

COPA Commission: Scope & Timeline Proposal
Explore the details of the Child Online Protection Act (COPA), commissioned by Congress to “prohibit online sites from knowingly making available to minors material that is ‘harmful to minors’” and read the FAQ for more information.

Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC): Freedom of Information Act Work on the National Security Agency's Warrantless Surveillance Program
Peruse analysis, background and primary document material that reveal the scope, history and status of the National Security Agency (NSA) domestic surveillance operations.

PBS: NOW: The Privacy Wars
Explore some of the controversies surrounding the Patriot Act and the history of U.S. privacy that preceded it.

ACLU: Keep America Safe and Free
Find a multitude of resources about the Patriot Act, including analysis, publications and an audio archive.

The Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT): Taps, Traps, and Pens -- Electronic Surveillance Overview
Find out about the Patriot Act's relation to the National Security Agency’s (NSA’s) practice of warrantless surveillance.



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