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Julio Medina beat the odds. A former felon and gang leader, he created a Harlem program dedicated to breaking the cycle of incarceration, employing a staff of badass do-gooders who are ex-cons themselves.

HARD ROAD HOME is the story of an extraordinary task: turning around the fate of one person born into a cycle of poverty and crime.
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A film crew of four wearing outdoor winter gear shoots a scene on a snowy plain

The Making Of:

"I think Julio kept close watch on me and my crew and, over time, came to believe that our project was about respect rather than exploitation."  More >>

The Filmmaker:

"It is critical that we remember that the people we lock away are humans like us, and that the result of the institutionalization for which we pay has permanent impact on their souls and our society."  Read more about the filmmaker >>
A woman standing in front of a stone wall with snow in the background looks away from the camera into the distance

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