Behind The Scenes

Dorothy Vogel, in her kitchen, holds up a folded canvas with an abstract design on it. The side of Herb’s head is visible in the foreground. How did Megumi Sasaki get the Vogels to allow her to film their lives? What scenes didn’t make the cut?

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Herb and Dorothy stand in front of two microphones, smiling. The producer/director expresses her appreciation for Herb and Dorothy’s commitment to one another, to art and creativity, and the example they set for others.

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Photograph of filmmaker Megumi SasakiÕs face, with a slight smile. Find out about the careers of the people who brought HERB AND DOROTHY to the screen.

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Herb sits at his kitchen table facing to the right, reaching out towards a long-haired, orange cat sitting on the table. From pre- to post-production, learn who and what was involved in making the film.

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