Herb and Dorothy Vogel sitting at the kitchen table in their apartment surrounded by art and various bits of clutter including VHS tapes, a remote control and piles of books.
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In a cramped, one-bedroom apartment, shared by a small menagerie of cats, turtles and fish, Herb and Dorothy Vogel amassed one of the world’s most important collections of minimalist and conceptual art. 

Meet Herb and Dorothy, two avid collectors, one a postal worker and the other a librarian, whose love for art and each other has spanned five decades.
Photo by Katsuyoshi Tanaka
Herb and Dorothy Vogel standing in front of a large canvas with diagonal and horizontal stripes, talking to an unidentified blonde woman.
Behind the Scenes
Follow Herb and Dorothy on the film festival circuit. See how they are received and what they have to say. Dorothy Vogel approaches the camera with her arm raised and finger pointing. Behind her are Herb Vogel and three unidentified older people preparing to pose for a photograph.
Filmmaker Statement
“I wanted to capture how these two ordinary people accomplished the extraordinary in the field of art collecting. This film is about the power of passion and love, and is a celebration of life.”
Do you have an eye for art?
The Vogels had an uncanny ability to select the most cutting-edge art, before others discovered it. The result? A collection worth millions, coveted by every major museum in the U.S. Think you might have what it takes to be a collector?
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