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The Film

Explore the filmmaker’s site for HERB & DOROTHY, which features film reviews, trailers and clips, screening information and more.

The Vogel Collection

Vogel 50x50
Browse the Vogel 50x50 collection, gain insight with audio podcasts from curators and explore vintage photos of the Vogels, from throughout their art-collecting career.

W: Perfect Vision
Read a detailed account of the Vogels and their collection and ascertain their thoughts on the 50x50 project in this article from W magazine.

The National Gallery of Art
Learn more about the National Gallery of Art, recipient of the massive Vogel collection. Browse artworks, listen to lectures, watch educational videos and more.

Minimalist and Conceptual Art

MoMA: Minimalism
Learn the definition of minimalist art, and view minimalist works from New York MoMA’s collection.

Smithsonian Institute: Donald Judd interview, 1965 Feb. 3
Discover Donald Judd and the defining tenets of minimalism (although he shunned the term) in this 1965 interview with the late artist.

Sol LeWitt: Paragraphs on Conceptual Art
Read artist Sol LeWitt’s seminal essay on conceptual art, first published in Artforum in 1967.

Worldwide Arts Resources: Art History: Conceptual Art: (1960-1975)
Interpret a definition of conceptual art and follow links to view works by prominent early conceptual artists.

Featured Artists

Learn more about some of the artists who appear in HERB & DOROTHY:

PBS: Art 21: Richard Tuttle
Visit the site of PBS’s Art:21–Art in the Twenty-First Century. Read interviews with Richard Tuttle, view a slideshow of his artistic process and watch videos.

Indenews.com: What's news? Lucio Pozzi's performance piece examines the nature of information
Read about Lucio Pozzi’s life in Hudson, NY and his 2008 performance art pieces, including the eight-hour Reading the News and Competent Sleep, in which he took two-hour naps in four Chelsea art galleries.

Chuck Close: Process and Collaboration
Learn about Chuck Close and his artistic process. View a timeline and bio and explore images of his work. The site includes a discussion guide and classroom activities for teachers and students of all ages.

Christo and Jeanne-Claude
Visit the official site of Christo and Jeanne-Claude. View images of their work, find answers to frequently asked questions and learn the truth behind common misconceptions of the couple and their art.

Crown Point Press: Pat Steir
Browse works by artist Pat Steir, watch a video interview and learn more about her life and career.

Cheim & Read: Lynda Benglis
View individual pieces and exhibitions by artist Lynda Benglis, read her bio and peruse selected reviews of her work.

Art Babble: Meet Will Barnet
Watch a video of artist Will Barnet reflecting on the evolution of his art-making career.


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